11 best outdoorsy gifts under $50

11 Gifts Under $50 Every Hiker or Backpacker Will Love

The best gifts aren’t always the most expensive. In face, I’ve found that the best gifts are those that are meaningful and useful to the person receiving them. So, what does that mean for hikers, backpackers, or just those who love the outdoors?  

An outdoorsy person who loves hiking and/or backpacking would love to receive something that allows them to use it while doing what they love! There can mean many different things go, as the gear for outdoor adventures is seemingly endless and quite frankly expensive.

Luckily you don’t need to break the bank to give an outdoorsy person a useful outdoorsy gift. So, if you’re looking for the perfect outdoorsy gift under $50 then check out my recommendations below!

11 Gifts Under $50 Every Hiker or Backpacker Will Love

11 best outdoorsy gifts under $50

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1. Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough socks are absolutely incredible socks. Seriously. Any hiker or outdoorsy person knows about Darn Tough socks – and they’re definitely going to appreciate receiving these as a gift. 

Socks can make or break a hike of any distance. Darn Tough socks are merino wool socks, meaning they’ll keep your feet comfortable and dry no matter the distance. 

Also, they’re made in Vermont and have a lifetime guarantee – so no worries about them wearing out over time. I wear them on almost every hike – and am never disappointed. 

Get Darn Tough Socks for women here or for men here. 

2. Hammock

Who doesn’t love a hammock? Even non-hikers love to relax, gently swinging between two trees. But, after a long, sweaty hike, or on a multi-day backpacking trip – nothing is better. 

Hammocks are great for long-distance, or multi-day hikers. But they’re also great gifts for hikers who may not do as intense of hikes – but love to relax and read a book, journal, or just nap while on the trail. 

Seriously, nothing is better than a nap in the middle of the woods and they’ll definitely appreciate this as one of the best outdoorsy gifts under $50.

So grab a hammock today and let the relaxation begin! 

3. Stasher Food Storage Containers

Backpackers, hikers, paddlers, and all other outdoorsy people need a constant supply of food. The energy needed to keep up with our activity levels is oftentimes astounding. 

But, food can create a lot of waste – especially single serve options, like granola bars. And, even if creating a to-go meal – sandwich bags just add plastic to the trip. 

Stasher food storage bags are the perfect eco-conscious gift for any outdoorsy adventure. They are durable, reusable, and leak-proof making them perfect for storing any food you’ll need to have with you on an adventure. 

Get the stasher food storage bags here

4. Microspikes

Does your outdoorsy loved one like to hike in any weather? Then a pair of microspikes, absolutely essential for hiking in winter, is one of the best outdoorsy gifts under $5o you can give! 

Microspikes attach to the bottom of hiking boots to provide traction while walking in snow and ice. Without them, hikers could slip and slide all over the trail making hiking nearly impossible. 

Grab some microspikes here

5. Women’s Hiking Pants

Not every hike needs the top of the line gear. No, sometimes its easier when doing a smaller hike or local trip to just put on something simple and functional and head out. 

The CRZ hiking pants totally fit this bill. They’re not even exclusively for hiking – and many people use them for yoga, but they’re really great hiking pants. 

They’re great hiking pants because they’re lightweight, dry super quick, easily cleaned, comfortable, and durable. I wear these on all sorts of hikes – and they still look new despite multiple rock scrambles and loads of dirt. 

Any outdoorsy woman will appreciate these casual hiking pants for everyday hikes. 

Get CRZ Woman’s Hiking Pants here. 

6. First Aid Kit

When it comes to hiking – safety first, always! A first aid kit is absolutely essential if you’re going to be outdoors in any way. Even while taking short hikes every hiker should always have a first aid kit with them. 

But, as every hiker will know – any time you use that first aid kit, it can get kind of messy. So, a brand new first aid kit will be the perfect gift to help your hiker or backpacker put safety first! 

Get a hiker friendly first aid kit here. 

11 best outdoorsy gifts under $50

7. Ultralight Power Bank

Technology has taken over the world, and even us outdoorsy people still have the tech we like to have on the trail. Whether it’s our phone for directions/gps/photos, or a smart watch to keep track of elevation, mileage and time, a lot of hikers carry tech with them into the woods. 

But, we all know battery life doesn’t always keep up with a full day of use. The last thing any hiker wants is for their phone to die while on the trail. Not only is it frustrating, but it can be dangerous if you’re using your phone for navigation purposes. 

An ultralight power bank, that can be carried in a backpack, is a great option for anyone with tech on the trail. When your devices get low, just plug them in and get a full charge for the rest of your time on the trail. 

Get the ultralight power bank here. 

8. Sawyer Squeeze

The Sawyer Squeeze is truly the royalty of outdoor gear products. I don’t know of any serious hiker or backpacker who have been on the trails for a while without at least trying the Sawyer Squeeze. 

This device is a super lightweight and portable water filter you can attach onto water bottles, like this one, and filter water while out on the trail. 

It does a fantastic job and is something that any hiker or backpacker would love to have for any outdoorsy adventure. 

Grab a Sawyer Squeeze here. 

9. Hiking Backpack

Back to the basics with this hiking backpack. The Teton backpack for hiking is a GREAT and affordable hiking backpack for day hikes. 

Not only is it incredibly comfortable and feels light even after several hours of wearing it, but it also comes with a 1-liter hydration pack. If you’ve looked at hiking backpacks before you’ll know how rare that is, especially for the price. 

Plus, all the pockets are incredibly well proportioned to carry all your day-hike gear without feeling overwhelming. 

Seriously, I love this pack so much that I even wrote a full review article on it. You wont regret this purchase. 

Get the Teton hiking backpack here. 

10. Scratch Off National Parks Poster

Who doesn’t love to keep track of their accomplishments? If your hiker loves to jet-set around visiting and accomplishing some of the best National Parks in the United States – then this poster is for them. 

This is a scratch-off poster specifically for national parks. So, if your hiker cares more about national parks than visiting countries or state parks – then this poster fits their bill just right. Seriously, scratching a park off this poster is incredibly satisfying – and something any hiker will enjoy. 

Get the scratch off national parks poster here. 

11. BUFF Headware

When you’re outdoors – neck and head protection is absolutely essential. Not only are you sweating – and that can make you too cold easily (especially in winter) – but you’re also exposed to the elements.

Sunburn is the worst for any outdoorsy person as it can cause pain and dryness for several days. No fun at all.

Wearing proper head/neck protection is essential – and the BUFF® headware is the best there is. It’s merino wool (see above for my love of this fabric), lightweight, offers UV protection, and is just generally great for any hike. 

This is one of the best outdoorsy gifts under $50 you can give!

Get BUFF® headware here

I hope you’ve found this article of the 11 best outdoorsy gifts under $50 useful and were able to pick something out for your loved one this year! 

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