13 Splurge Worthy Outdoorsy Gifts

13 Splurge Worthy Outdoorsy Gifts

If there is an outdoorsy loved one in your life then you know their outdoorsy gear can get expensive. It is good reason though – outdoorsy gear must be durable and last through some pretty harsh conditions. So, for these types of items expensive just means quality.

With that said, if you’re looking to grab your outdoorsy loved one something really special this year then you may want to consider picking up something a bit higher-end that they can use for many years to come. 

If that’s what you’re looking for then you’ve come to the right place. Check out this list of 13 splurge worthy outdoorsy gifts to grab something perfect for your outdoorsy loved one this year. 

13 Splurge Worthy Outdoorsy Gifts (2021 Gift Guide)

13 Splurge Worthy Gifts

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1. Outdoor Skills Classes

Sometimes the best gift possible is an experience instead of a material item. And outdoors skills classes are the perfect gift for any outdoorsy loved one. 

Outdoorsy people love to learn new skills that allow them to explore the outdoors in different ways. Maybe a class on winter backpacking? Or one on survival skills? Or have them explore some paddling classes to get them on the water?

Outdoor skills classes are always a hit. There are usually some taught locally at REIs, or at local outdoors clubs.

But if you’re looking for some recommendations – check out the outdoors classes here.

2. Leatherman Multitool

Every outdoorsman or outdoorswoman wants a good quality, durable multitool and there’s no better company for this than Leatherman. A Leatherman multitool is a great splurge gift any hiker or backpacker would be incredibly thankful to receive. 

Leatherman multitools can do everything except cook your dinner. Seriously, anything you need a tool to do while outdoors – a leatherman multitool has you covered. It’s a great gift for anyone who spends any amount of time outdoors. 

Get the Leatherman Multitool here. 

3. Columbia Hiking Boots

Any-level hiker or backpacker would always appreciate a new set of footwear, and if you give them a pair of Columbia Boots, then you’d surely win the best-gift-ever contest. 

Columbia Hiking Boots are often waterproof, incredibly comfortable, insanely durable, and will last any hiker a long time on the trail. And, you know us outdoorsy people spend hours on a trail each year. 

Seriously, anytime I’m hiking through some mud bogs – or attempting a small water crossing, I’m always so thankful I’ve got my Columbia Hiking Boots to keep my feet supported and dry. 

Get Columbia Hiking Boots for Women here or for Men here

4. Merino Wool Baselayers

If you’ve spent anytime on my blog you’ll know my absolute love for merino wool clothing. This is because merino wool will keep you warm on the coldest days and cool on the warmest. It also wicks sweat so no more drenched clothing after an especially difficult trail. It is soft, doesn’t feel itchy, and is the perfect hiking outfit choice for any hiker or backpacker. Seriously, what’s more to love?

For those who aren’t familiar, a base layer is a layer of clothing worn underneath your main layers to keep you warm and dry. Backpackers also often use it as pajamas on multi-day treks. 

So, the Merino Wool Baselayer by Meriwool is the perfect addition to any hiking or backpacking wardrobe. You can get both the top and pants to make it a full outfit. They also comes in several color options as well, so you can get whatever color suits them best. 

For women – get the Merino Wool Baselayer Top by Meriwool here and pants here

For men – get the Merino Wool Baselayer Top by Meriwool here and pants here

5. Bear Spray

Bear Spray is an essential piece of outdoorsy gear every outdoorsy person should be carrying with them. Most national parks even require it for simple day or shorter hikes. 

But bear spray is definitely a use-once type of equipment, and it does have expiration dates to be aware of. A large supply of bear spray is never a bad gift and will be sure to keep your loved one safe from bears and other woodsy creatures while they’re out adventuring. 

Grab some Bear Spray here. 

13 Splurge Worthy Gifts

6. New Tent

Most active backpackers or campers will already have a tent – but tents are definitely an item that can get beat up pretty quickly. 

A brand new tent to use on their adventures would definitely be a very appreciated splurge worthy outdoorsy gift! 

You can get multiple sizes of tents depending on your loved ones needs. I personally love the 1-person tent, as it allows for fun solo adventuring and is much lighter than larger tent sizes. 

Grab a 1-person tent here, or a 2-person tent here

7. Bear Box

Bear safety is of utmost importance when spending any amount of time in the woods. If you’ll be overnighting then a bear box is an absolutely essential piece of gear in bear country. 

A bear box is a way to place food and other aromatic items safely away from your campsite in a bear-proof container. Many national parks require them if you’ll be staying overnight, and even if they aren’t required they’re always a go-to safety practice to keep everyone safe. 

Grab a bear box for your loved one here. 

8. GPS Navigator

A GPS Navigator is one splurge worthy outdoorsy gift on every outdoorsy person’s list this year. It’s an essential piece of gear for navigation, safety, and just general confidence in the outdoors – especially on longer and more remote trips. 

Now, this gift is probably the priciest one on this list – but it will definitely provide your outdoorsy loved one with piece of mind knowing that no matter what happens they’ll have a way of navigating and communicating to the outside world. 

Grab a GPS Navigator Here

9. Sunski Sunglasses

Sunski Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for any outdoorsy person. Not only do they protect your eyes – but they do so in a way that actually helps the environment. 

Sunski sunglasses are made from recycled plastic and come in plastic free packaging. Plus 1% of every sale goes towards an environmental non-profit – so a gift like this contributes to more than just the receiver. 

Every outdoorsy person will appreciate this eco-friendly, splurge worth outdoorsy gift. Grab sunski sunglasses for your loved one today! 

10. Binoculars

One common activity outdoorsy people take up is birding. This is because what better way to really become one with nature than to understand all the ecosystems and life happening around you while you’re in the woods. 

Birding is such an easy activity to do while adventuring outdoors and really only requires one piece of equipment – binoculars. 

Lucky these binoculars are easily carried, lightweight, and make an excellent gift for any level of outdoorsman. 

Grab some binoculars here! 

13 Splurge Worthy Gifts

11. Inflatable Kayak

If you have someone new to paddling – or someone who is outdoorsy but maybe hasn’t tried kayaking, an inflatable kayak is an incredible splurge worth outdoorsy gift. 

An inflatable kayak doesn’t require lots of storage space and isn’t bulky or heavy to transport to the water. Although they sometimes get a bad rep as people think they’re flimsy – they really aren’t.

Inflatable kayaks are definitely a great intro option for anyone getting out on the water for the first time – or for kayakers needing a space efficient way to transport or store their yak. 

Seriously – you’ll win a best gift ever award if you pick up one of these inflatable kayaks for your loved one today! 

12. Aquabound Paddle

A good paddle is essential for any kayaker. So, while this gift is definitely one of the pricier ones in this list – it’s definitely something your kayaking loved one would be thrilled to receive. 

Aquabound paddles are fantastic for beginner to intermediate level paddlers. They’re versatile and great for a variety of water conditions. I love my aquabound paddle and can really tell the different a good paddle makes on the water. 

Trust me – no paddler will ever be disappointed by receiving  a new aquabound paddle – so grab one here and be crowned the best-gifted-ever this year. 

13. Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags definitely take a beating on any outdoor adventure. And if your outdoorsy loved one enjoys going on thru-hikes and regular multi-day backpacking trips, then you can imagine the sleeping bag is an essential piece of gear that gets used often. 

So, a brand new sleeping bag is an excellent gift for any outdoorsy person. But you’ll need to be careful and sure that you’re buying one that’s highly-rated, and can withstand pretty low temperatures. You want your loved one to be comfortable while using it, right?

So grab a sleeping bag here and grab them something they’ll really use again and again this year. 

Hopefully you’ve found this guide of 13 splurge worthy outdoorsy gifts useful and you’ll consider grabbing your loved one something splurge worthy this year. 

If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help!

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