Eco-Friendly Gifts for Outdoorsy People

16 Eco-Friendly Gifts Outdoorsy People will Love (2021 Gift Guide)

Outdoorsy people can always use more stuff – but we want that stuff to be eco-conscious. After all, we enjoy nature and have no desire to see it’s resources used up. 

So, when considering what to get your outdoorsy loved one this holiday season – take into consideration how eco-friendly the gift is. 

Will it help us on the trail without creating more waste? Then you’re on the right track! 

Take a look at these 16 Eco-Friendly Gifts Outdoorsy People will Love. 

16 Eco-Friendly Gifts Outdoorsy People will Love (2021 Gift Guide)

16 eco-friendly gifts for outdoorsy people

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1. Collapsable Kettle

Nothing is more relaxing that a cup of tea or coffee while adventuring. Whether you’re hiking, or backpacking – a nice warm drink is the perfect interruption for any long trip. 

But, tea can be a bit harmful to the environment on the trail. First – you have tea bags, or individual coffee packets. But, if you grab some loose leaf tea and a nice reusable kettle you can definitely enjoy yourself while being eco-conscious. 

This collapsable kettle is the perfect eco-conscious gift for the outdoorsy person in your life. It’s not only lightweight and collapsable – making it perfect for the outdoors, but it also is made of silicone and metal – limiting the plastic impact on the environment. 

Get the collapsable kettle here. 

2. Stasher Food Storage

Backpackers, hikers, paddlers, and all other outdoorsy people need a constant supply of food. The energy needed to keep up with our activity levels is oftentimes astounding. 

But, food can create a lot of waste – especially single serve options, like granola bars. And, even if creating a to-go meal – sandwich bags just add plastic to the trip. 

Stasher food storage bags are the perfect eco-conscious gift for any outdoorsy adventure. They are durable, reusable, and leak-proof making them perfect for storing any food you’ll need to have with you on an adventure. 

Get the stashed food storage bags here. 

3. Beeswax Food Wraps

Outdoorsy people are always looking for ways to be more eco-friendly. We appreciate nature and natural resources as they are what allow us to have the adventures we love so much.

So, we like to make sure we’re doing our part to keep our environment going strong.  With that said, anytime there are opportunities to decrease waste – we jump on them.

So, these beeswax food wraps are the perfect eco-friendly outdoorsy gift for your eco-conscious loved one. 

The wraps eliminate the need for plastic wrap or ziplock for food storage. They can be rinsed off and reused easily, and are extremely lightweight. 

Your outdoorsy loved one would absolutely love to receive these as a gift this year. 

Grab beeswax food wraps here. 

4. Sunski Sunglasses

Sunski Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for any outdoorsy person. Not only do they protect your eyes – but they do so in a way that actually helps the environment. 

Sunski sunglasses are made from recycled plastic and come in plastic free packaging. Plus 1% of every sale goes towards an environmental non-profit – so a gift like this contributes to more than just the receiver. 

Grab sunski sunglasses for your loved one today! 

16 Eco-friendly gifts for outdoorsy people

5. Merino Wool Women’s Baselayer Pants

Merino wool is an EXCELLENT eco-friendly fabric. And, it’s also amazing to wear outdoors, because its an exceptional thermo-regulator. This means that it keeps your body temperature regulated no matter the temperature outside. 

Merino wool is environmentally friendly because it’s often ethically sourced and biodegradable. No worries about having a piece of clothing that lasts for 1000s of years after you’re done with it. 

So, these Merino Wool Baselayer Pants are the perfect clothing accessory to keep your outdoorsy loved one warm and dry while also supporting the environment. 

Grab the merino wool women’s baselayer pants here. 

6. Merino Wool Woman’s Baselayer Top

If you can’t tell how much I love merino wool from the base layer description above – you should know I absolutely love this fabric. 

It’s not only eco-friendly – but it manages to keep your body warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s warm. It’s almost like magic – but it’s incredibly great for sweaty days in any weather for breathability and functionality. 

So, grab the merino wool woman’s base layer top to pair with the pants and give the perfect eco-friendly gift for your loved one this year. 

7. Merino Wool Men’s Baselayer Pants

Although I’ve never worn the men’s merino wool – if it’s anything as amazing as the woman’s version it’s surely a gift any outdoorsy person would appreciate. 

Any sweaty person will appreciate merino wool’s ability to wick sweat, while keeping you not too hot or too cold while adventuring. 

Plus the eco-friendly attributes of being biodegradable and ethically sourced helps you feel good while wearing something so functional. 

Grab the Men’s Merino Wool Baselayer Pants here. 

8. Merino Wool Men’s Baselayer Top

Okay, Okay – I know I’m hammering the Merino Wool gifts home – but seriously, it’s such a great gift I really can’t say enough. 

If you’re going to get the baselayer pants – considering getting a full outfit. It can get a bit pricy to buy both, but if it’s in your budget a complete merino wool base layer outfit is the perfect gift for any outdoor adventure. 

Grab the merino wool Men’s Baselayer Top here. 

16 eco-friendly gifts for outdoorsy people

9. Hydration Bladder

Although some beginner outdoorsy people prefer to carry water bottles whenever they go – more experienced outdoorsmen and women love a hydration bladder. 

Not only does a hydration bladder loop through your pack making it easier to drink while moving, but it’s also incredibly eco-friendly because it keeps you from using single-use bottles. 

We all know that outdoor adventures require a lot of water – and by using this bladder your loved one will eliminate so many of those wasteful individual bottles. 

This affordable gift is perfect eco-friendly gift for your outdoorsy friend or family member without breaking the bank! 

Get a hydration bladder here. 

10. Female Pee Cloth

Now this gift might get a bit personal – but trust me, if you’re a woman who spends anytime outdoors you’ll appreciate a pee cloth

Theres nothing worse than spending all day in the woods and worrying about how you’ll go to the bathroom.

Plus, carrying in and out toilet paper isn’t eco-friendly or all that sanitary. So, an antimicrobial pee cloth is the PERFECT accessory for any outdoorsy woman.

It air dries, has antimicrobial properties, and snaps onto the outside of a pack.

Seriously, any outdoorsy woman will absolutely appreciate a pee cloth for their next adventure. 

Get an antimicrobial pee cloth here. 

11. Outdoor Skills Classes

The best eco-friendly gift possible is one that doesn’t create any waste. Instead of getting your outdoorsy loved one an item this year – give them an experience! 

Outdoorsy people love to learn new skills that allow them to explore the outdoors in different ways. Maybe a class on winter backpacking? Or one on survival skills? Or have them explore some paddling classes to get them on the water?

Outdoor skills classes are always a hit. There are usually some taught locally at REIs, or at local outdoors clubs.

But if you’re looking for some recommendations – check out the outdoorsy classes here. 

12. Bear Box

Bears are definitely a creature outdoorsy people need to be aware of if they’re anywhere near the woods. Bear safety isn’t only about safety, though – it’s also about being eco-friendly. 

Bears who become conditioned to human food tend to not make it very long in the wild – so bear boxes are for us AND them. 

So, be sure your outdoorsy loved one is protecting themselves and protecting the bears by grabbing a bear box. 

16 eco-friendly gifts for outdoorsy people

13. Female Urinal

Another personal item – but again one totally worth it if taking long, extensive outdoorsy trips is your female loved one’s thing.

A female urinal is just a small, usually silicone funnel, that directs pee away from the person while they continue to stand.  It’s useful for people who have trouble squatting, or just don’t want to take off their gear to use the bathroom on the trail.

But not only that – it’s eco friendly because it allows you to use the bathroom in ways that abide by leave no trace principles. That way – waste can be relieved in the right places, and not just where you can squat. 

It’s a great stand alone gift – but also a great addition to a pee cloth gift.  

Get a female urinal here. 

14. BUFF Headware

When you’re outdoors – neck and head protection is absolutely essential. Not only are you sweating – and that can make you too cold easily (especially in winter) – but you’re also exposed to the elements.

Sunburn is the worst for any outdoorsy person as it can cause pain and dryness for several days. No fun at all. Wearing proper head/neck protection is essential – and the BUFF® headware is the best there is.

It’s merino wool (see above for my love of this fabric), lightweight, offers UV protection, and is just generally great for any outdoor adventure. 

This is a fantastic gift any outdoorsy adventurer will absolutely appreciate! 

Get BUFF® headware here. 

15. Darn Tough Socks – Women’s

These socks are amazing. Seriously. Any hikers or outdoorsy person knows about Darn Tough socks – and they’re definitely going to appreciate receiving these as a gift. 

Socks can make or break an outdoor adventure – especially hiking or backpacking. Darn Tough socks are merino wool socks, meaning they’ll keep your feet comfortable and dry no matter the distance. 

Additionally these socks are made in Vermont and have a lifetime guarantee – so no more throwing away socks each year. These will last you a lifetime – reducing waste and helping the environment.

I wear these socks on almost every hike – and am never disappointed. 

Get Darn Tough Socks for women here. 

16. Darn Tough Socks – Men’s

Although I haven’t even worn the Men’s version of Darn Tough socks – I’m sure they are every bit as exceptional as their Women’s socks. 

So if you’re on the fence – these socks are completely worth it. Their durability, merino wool composition, and lifetime guarantee make them the perfect outdoorsy gift.

Grab Darn Tough Socks for men here. 

I hope that you’ve found this guide of 16 eco-friendly gifts for outdoorsy people useful and helpful as you shop for loved ones this year!

And thank you – not only are you shopping for others, but you’re considering the environment and being eco-friendly while doing so! Pat yourself on the back – you deserve it.

If you have questions about any of the gifts here let me know! Leave a comment or message me directly via the contact us page and I’ll be happy to help.

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