rock climber in red jacket carrying blue and black mat looking up at a rock to climb. Gifts for your outdoorsy boyfriend

18 Useful Outdoorsy Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Love

We all know how impossible it is to shop for a boyfriend. They either “don’t care” what you get them, or seemingly have everything they want already so what could you add? But don’t let them fool you, there are several practical gifts that any boyfriend will love. 

For your outdoorsy boyfriend practical gear gifts are the way to go. You’ll want to find them something they can use in their outdoor adventures and for that, there’s no shortage of outdoorsy gear to choose from. 

Depending on what your outdoorsy boyfriend is into will depend on the gift you get. So, let’s look into 18 useful gifts you can get for your outdoorsy boyfriend that will be perfect for him! 

18 Useful Outdoorsy Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Love

rock climber in red jacket carrying blue and black mat looking up at a rock to climb. Gifts for your outdoorsy boyfriend

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1. For the Splurge-Worthy Boyfriend: Garmin In-Reach Mini GPS Tracker

The Garmin In-Reach Mini is a GPS satellite and communication device that also has topographical maps built in. If your outdoorsy boyfriend frequents the remote wilderness, then the Garmin In-Reach Mini is the best safety tool he can have. 

With the satellite subscription, it allows for text communication in areas without cell service, and can issue a SOS to a 24/7 search and rescue center if he ends up in an emergency situation. 

This will not only keep him safe but give you peace of mind whether you’re going with him or staying at home. 

You can get the Garmin In-Reach Mini here

2. For the Gadget-Loving Boyfriend: Leatherman Multitool

It’s rare you find an outdoorsy man who doesn’t absolutely love a multitool. Something about the number of gadgets packed so small that they can all fit in their pocket really gets them going. 

Does he already have a multitool? No worries, in my experience most men can’t get enough of them and one is rarely enough. So picking up a new one is still just as exciting. 

But, since you’re getting one for an outdoorsy man you’ll want one that’s made for outdoorsy adventures. The Leatherman Signal Camping Multitool has everything he’ll need for an outdoor trip, including a fire starter, saw, and emergency whistle. 

You can grab the Leatherman Multitool here

3. For the Outdoorsy Boyfriend who Needs New Clothes: Merino Wool Baselayer

So, I understand that not every guy is into clothes and I definitely understand that outdoorsy guys probably are even less into clothes than your average guy. But, in the outdoorsy world, clothes made of merino wool are seriously the best things ever and even your boyfriend can appreciate that. 

Merino wool is the perfect outdoorsy fabric, because of its ability to wick sweat, maintain body temperature, and withstand some harsh conditions. This means that it can be used for so many different things when out in the woods.

Sometimes merino wool is worn as a base layer under other clothes to keep someone warm and dry (it’s great at wicking sweat). Other times merino wool is worn as a sleepwear while camping. Sometimes the tops are just worn as an everyday shirt, and make a great top for fall or spring hiking. 

Overall, the versatility in the outdoors makes merino wool clothing a great gift for your outdoorsy boyfriend. 

You can pick up merino wool pants here and a top here

4. For the Boyfriend Who Wants to Buy it Himself: REI Gift Card

Not every man wants you to choose something for him, as only he knows what he truly wants. If your boyfriend falls into that category then picking up an REI gift card is the way to go. 

REI has anything any outdoorsy man could need. Whether he’s into hiking, camping, water sports, rock climbing, running, or something else – REI will have something he’ll want to buy for himself. 

You can grab an REI gift card here

5. For the Outdoorsy Man Who Loves to Eat: Nick’s Stick Jerky

Outdoor adventures require a lot of energy and that requires a lot of calories. Your outdoorsy boyfriend probably eats a lot and is always thinking about that next snack while he’s on the move outside. 

Nick’s Sticks Jerky is made from 100% grass-fed beef or organic turkey and contains no harmful additives. It’s also keto and paleo approved. 

It’s just meat sticks made from good, quality meat. He’s sure to love it and appreciate your thoughtfulness when he’s snacking on one on the trail. 

Get Nick’s Stick Jerky here

6. For the Boyfriend Who Wants to Stay Power Up: Goal Zero Yeti

If your man is one who has to keep the party going while camping, road tripping, or RV-ing then the Goal Zero Yeti will surely help him keep everything powered and running while outside. 

Now, this isn’t a lightweight backpacking option.You’ll need someplace to store this power bank (like a car, van or RV), but once it’s charged up he’ll be able to keep anything (including small appliances!) up and running. 

Perfect for playing DJ, chef, and charging station at a large campsite or while van-lifing your next road trip. 

Grab the Goal Zero Yeti here. 

man with brown long hair and beard sitting in brown hammock attached to two trees in a forest overlooking water. He is drinking from a cup. Gifts for an outdoorsy boyfriend

7. For the Coffee-Lover Boyfriend: Travel Coffee Press

If your boyfriend is one who always has to have the best brew – even if he’s out adventuring, then a travel coffee press may be the best thing for him. 

The Aeropress travel coffee press is perfect for backpackers because its lightweight and can make up to 3 cups of cold-brew coffee in under a minute. 

Now, even if he’s in the wilderness he won’t have to go without coffee (or with only the instant coffee) on his trip. 

Get the AeroPress Travel Coffee Press here

8. For the Outdoorsy Boyfriend Who Likes to Relax: Hammock

If your boyfriend is a work-hard, rest-hard type then he’ll likely appreciate a lightweight hammock to take with him on his outdoorsy trips. 

There’s nothing better than after a long day hiking, backpacking, kayaking, etc… to come back and rest by putting the feet up in a hammock underneath the tress while being rocked by a slight breeze. I mean, doesn’t that sounds great? Your boyfriend will definitely think so too. 

So grab a WiseOwl Hammock here for his next outdoor adventure. 

9. For the Boyfriend Who Like to Explore the Nation: National Parks Pass

Every outdoorsman knows that while visiting parks and campsites is wonderful, it can get costly. Entrance fees, parking fees, and even sometimes use-fees, can wipe someone out. 

So, if your boyfriend visits a lot of National Parks then the America the Beautiful Park pass may be a great practical gift allowing him free entry into these places for one year. 

Grab the America the Beautiful Park Pass here

10. For the Boyfriend who Likes to Keep his Eyes Safe and Look Cool: Zeal Sunglasses

Zeal sunglasses are the perfect eye wear for outdoor adventuring. They’re made specifically for it, so they can withstand some harsh conditions while protecting your eyes from even harsher ones. 

What makes these sunglasses especially unique is that they’re plant based, meaning that the frames and polarized lenses are made from a plant-based material. So, not only are they useful they’re also eco-friendly – something your outdoorsy boyfriend is sure to appreciate. 

Protect your boyfriends eyes while being eco-friendly by picking up some Zeal Sunglasses here

11. For the Outdoorsy Boyfriend who Likes to Hike in the Winter: Showshoes

If your outdoorsy boyfriend likes to hike in the dead of winter, then he’ll be sure to appreciate some winter gear. Winter hiking gear takes a beating due to the harsh conditions, and a new set is always worthwhile. 

Show shoes, specifically, are great to have because they’re footwear accessories that not everyone keeps in their closet but are essential to hiking in deep snow. And trust me, if your boyfriend likes the snow then he’ll love to be able to explore snow-covered forests with some snow shoes. 

Pick up snowshoes and an entire winter hiking kit here

12. For the Boyfriend who Wants to Explore Locally: A Local Travel Guide

No matter where you live, someone has written a guide about it. These local travel guides are fantastic because they’ll provide information about less popular trails while giving you the history and a full idea of what to expect. 

Don’t underestimate the power of a good guidebook to lengthen his list of places to go. And, pairing it with a list of places you’ll go with him is sure to brighten his day and make the gift even greater. 

Search for local guide books near you here

man kneels next to a small campsite on the bank of a river near a forest. Smoke is coming up from the fire. gifts for an outdoorsy boyfriend

13. For the Boyfriend Who Likes to Keep it Safe: First Aid Kit

Outdoor adventurers know that safety always comes first. So, a great gift for your outdoorsy boyfriend may be a first aid kit. 

If you’ve ever used a first aid kit on the trail you know first hand how messy and disorganized they can get after only 1-2 uses. It can be impossible to identify if you have everything you need or not because of how messy the first aid kit can get so quickly. 

So picking up a new first aid kit will be a practical gift they’re sure to carry with them each time they head outdoors. 

Grab a first aid kit here

14. For the Boyfriend Who Loves to Play Games: Trails

The game Trails is an excellent, small, board game to play with friends and family while you’re outside or inside. It brings the excitement of the outdoors into an indoor strategy game perfect for the entire family. 

The premise of the game is that you’re hiking along various locations and collecting points and photographs (worth points). The goal is to be the person at the end of the trail with the most points. It’s a simple game that’s a lot of fun and your outdoorsy boyfriend is sure to love it. 

Grab the game Trails here. 

15. For the Outdoorsy Boyfriend Who is Harsh on His Gear: Gear Aid Patches

If you’ve noticed a few rips, tears, or holes in some of your outdoorsy boyfriends commonly used gear then this might be the gift for him. 

The Gear Aid patches are a waterproof adhesive can stick to a variety of fabrics and make that well-used gear something he can keep using for a long time to come no matter how worn it is. 

If he’s attached to his gear despite it’s current shape, these may be the perfect way to ensure he can keep using his favorite things and still have them be functional. 

Grab some Gear Aid Patches here

16. For the Boyfriend Who Likes to Video Everything: Night Vision Trail Camera

If he’s someone who always wishes he knew what happens outside his tent (or even his house) at night, then picking up a night vision trail camera will have him thrilled. 

This camera can be set up outside and will turn on when the motion sensor is activated recording whatever it is that’s moving out there at night. Expect to capture all types of animal sightings to enjoy when you awake in the morning! 

It can also be used during the day as well if there’s a specific trail or a specific animal he’s looking to film. 

Pick up a night-vision trail camera here

17. For the Boyfriend That’s Always Thirsty: Water Filtration Straw

Clean, safe drinking water is a must-have while out on any outdoor adventure, but accessing that water isn’t always easy. 

A filtration straw helps him be able to access clean, safe water no matter where he is without any additional fancy gear. He can drink straight from the stream, pond, or lake without worry with this filtration straw. 

Grab the LifeStraw filtration device here. 

18. For the Outdoorsy Boyfriend Who Cares About His Feet: Darn Tough Socks

It doesn’t matter what type of outdoor adventuring your boyfriend is into, my guess is that his feet take a beating. I mean, outdoor adventuring requires hiking miles, climbing rocks, or paddling through all sorts of water conditions – it’s rough out there especially for feet.  

But, if you have the right protection for your feet then it makes all those adventures much more comfortable. Darn Tough socks are the ultimate socks for the outdoorsy person. They’re made in Vermont, are committed to being eco-friendly, and have a lifetime guarantee. What else could you want? He (and his feet) are sure to appreciate a pair. 

Grab a pair of Darn Tough socks here

Hopefully you’ve found this list of 18 gifts your outdoorsy boyfriend will love useful! I’m sure that no matter what he likes, or what type of outdoorsy he is, there’s something on this list that will be a perfect gift for him. 

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