21 Outdoorsy Gifts for Him

21 Useful Outdoorsy Gifts for Him (2021 Gift Guide)

Looking for the perfect outdoorsy gift for him this year? Well look no further! 

Shopping for your outdoorsy loved one is incredibly simple solely because outdoorsy people always need more gear! 

So, check out the list of 21 Useful Outdoorsy Gifts for Him below and choose something he’ll really love (and use) this holiday season! 

21 Useful Outdoorsy Gifts for Him (2021 Gift Guide)

21 Useful Outdoorsy Gifts for Him

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I may receive commission for purchases made through links in these post. All links are to products I highly recommend.

1. Darn Tough Socks

Although I haven’t even worn the Men’s version of Darn Tough socks – I’m sure they are every bit as exceptional as their Women’s socks. And let me tell you – Darn Tough Socks are amazing. 

They’re made of merino wool (more on that fabric below), meaning they wick sweat. These socks are incredibly durable – and even come with a lifetime guarantee. 

So if you’re on the fence – these socks are completely worth it. Their durability, merino wool composition, and lifetime guarantee make them the perfect outdoorsy gift for any man – knowing that they’ll last whatever he puts them through. 

Grab Darn Tough Socks for men here

2. Merino Wool Baselayer – Pants

It’s my personal opinion that any outdoorsy person can never have enough merino wool clothing. It’s the perfect outdoorsy material – keeping you an optimal temperature, dry, and lasting no matter what you put it through. 

So, although I’ve never worn the men’s merino wool – if it’s anything as amazing as the woman’s version it’s surely one of the best outdoorsy gifts for him. 

Any sweaty person will appreciate merino wool’s ability to wick sweat, while keeping you not too hot or too cold while adventuring.  Plus the eco-friendly attributes of being biodegradable and ethically sourced helps you feel good while wearing something so functional. 

Grab the Men’s Merino Wool Baselayer Pants here

3. Merino Wool Baselayer – Shirt

Okay, Okay – I know I’m hammering the Merino Wool gifts home – but seriously, it’s such a great gift I really can’t say enough. 

If you’re going to get the base layer pants – considering getting a full outfit. It can get a bit pricy to buy both, but if it’s in your budget a complete merino wool base layer outfit is the perfect outdoorsy gift for him.  

Grab the Merino Wool Men’s Baselayer Top here

4. Columbia Hiking Boots for Men

Any-level hiker or backpacker would always appreciate a new set of footwear, and if you give them a pair of Columbia Boots, then you’d surely win the best-gift-ever contest. 

Columbia Hiking Boots are often waterproof, incredibly comfortable, insanely durable, and will last any hiker a long time on the trail. And, you know us outdoorsy people spend hours on a trail each year. 

Seriously, anytime I’m hiking through some mud bogs – or attempting a small water crossing, I’m always so thankful I’ve got my Columbia Hiking Boots to keep my feet supported and dry. 

Get Columbia Hiking Boots for Men here

5. Carabiners

Outdoorsy people all know that being able to hang stuff is a luxury on the trail or at camp.

Whether that’s hanging stuff off your backpack, hanging up wet clothes or shoes, keeping your bag out of the mud or dirt, or just making something a bit more convenient – carabiners are the perfect trail accessory. 

A hiker or backpacker can never have enough carabiners and will surely appreciate getting a new set for their next adventure. 

Get carabiners here.

21 Useful Outdoorsy Gifts for hIm

6. First Aid Kit

When it comes to outdoorsy adventuring – safety first, always! A first aid kit is absolutely essential if you’re going to be outdoors in anyway. 

Even while taking short hikes to trips every outdoorsman should always have a first aid kit with with them. But, as every outdoorsman will know – any time you use that first aid kit, it can get kind of messy. So, a brand new first aid kit will be the perfect outdoorsy gift for him this year. 

Get an outdoorsy adventure friendly first aid kit here. 

7. Ultralight Power Bank

Technology has taken over the world, and even us outdoorsy people still have the tech we like to have on the trail.

Whether it’s our phone for directions/gps/photos, or a smart watch to keep track of elevation, mileage and time, a lot of outdoorsmen carry tech with them into the woods.  But, we all know battery life doesn’t always keep up with a full day of use.

The last thing any hiker wants is for their phone to die while on the trail. Not only is it inconvenient, but it can be dangerous if you’re using your phone for navigation purposes. 

An ultralight power bank, that can be carried in a backpack, is a great option for anyone with tech on the trail. When your devices get low, just plug them in and get a full charge for the rest of your time on the trail. 

Get the ultralight power bank here

8. Microspikes

Does he like to hike in any weather? Then a pair of microspikes, absolutely essential for hiking in winter, is a great gift for him! 

Microspikes attach to the bottom of hiking boots to provide traction while walking in snow and ice. Without them, hikers could slip and slide all over the trail making hiking nearly impossible. 

Grab some microspikes here

9. Leatherman Multitool

Every outdoorsman needs a good quality, durable multitool and there’s no better company for this than Leatherman.

Now, this isn’t an incredibly affordable gift – but it is one that if you’re looking to splurge any outdoorsman would be incredibly thankful to receive. 

Leatherman multitools can do everything except cook your dinner. Seriously, anything you need a tool to do while on the trail or on a trip- a leatherman multitool has you covered. It’s a great gift for anyone who spends any amount of time outdoors. 

Get the Leatherman Multitool here

10. Hiking Themed Stickers

I’m not sure if you’re aware but hikers have a lot of gear. Beyond taking care of that gear the one thing most outdoorsy people love to do is to fill it with stickers. 

Stickers on their water bottle, backpack, food stashers – you name it and they can put a sticker on it. 

Get them a 107pc outdoors themed sticker pack so that they can sticker things to their hearts desire. 

21 outdoorsy Gifts for Him

11. Hiking Passport

I’m a hiker who will go on a hike, and then only a few weeks later completely forget everything about it.

I can’t tell you the number of times I get on a trail that I think is new to me, and turns out I’ve definitely done this hike before. 

The Adventure Hiking Passport allows you to create a keepsake of all your outdoor adventures. It’s a journal allowing you to document things like location, distance, weather, difficulty and more. This way you’ll never forget where you’ve been! 

So, this is a great gift for your sentimental, or your forgetful hiker – making it a perfect useful hiking gift for him. 

Get the hiking passport here

12. Hammock

Who doesn’t love a hammock? Even non-hikers love to relax, gently swinging between two trees. But, after a long, sweaty hike – nothing is better. 

Hammocks are great for long-distance, or multi-day hikers. But they’re also great gifts for hikers who may not do as intense of hikes – but love to relax and read a book, journal, or just nap while on the trail.

Seriously, nothing is better than a nap in the middle of the woods and he’ll definitely appreciate this useful outdoorsy gift for him this year. 

So grab a hammock today and let the relaxation begin! 

13. Hiking Kettle

If 2021 brought us anything it was those videos of people drinking tea after an incredible adventure outdoors.

We all want that zen in our life and this hiking kettle will help your favorite outdoorsman reach their zen. This collapsable kettle is lightweight and contains a metal bottom, so you don’t need to worry about damaging the silicone.It holds a lot of water as well – making it perfect for making tea or coffee for yourself and others in only one go. 

If you want your outdoorsman to fully enjoy what all these videos claim is amazing – then grab this kettle. 

Get the collapsable kettle here. 

14. Hiking Stove

If you’re packing a kettle on a hike then you’ll need to make sure you have a way to heat it up.

This stove is perfect for hiking, camping, and backpacking as it’s ultralight and easy to use.  This stove, when paired with the fuel, will allow you to heat up anything – a kettle, dinner, or just plain water.

What more could you want on an outdoorsy adventure?

Get the hiking stove here. 

15. Ultralight fuel

If you have a kettle and a stove then you don’t want to forget to pick up some fuel. Otherwise, that stove wont be getting anything heated! 

Grab the ultralight fuel perfect for hiking and backpacking here. 

21 outdoorsy gifts for him

16. Hiking Backpack

Back to the basics with this hiking backpack. The Teton backpack for hiking is a GREAT and affordable hiking backpack for day hikes. 

Not only is it incredibly comfortable and feels light even after several hours of wearing it, but it also comes with a 1-liter hydration pack. If you’ve looked at hiking backpacks before you’ll know how rare that is, especially for the price. 

Plus, all the pockets are incredibly well proportioned to carry all your day-hike gear without feeling overwhelming.  Seriously, I love this pack so much that I even wrote a full review article on it. You wont regret this purchase. 

Get the Teton hiking backpack here

17. National Park T-Shirt

One great option for an outdoorsy gift for him is a T-shit that shows off your loved ones favorite things – National Parks. 

Outdoorsy people are often on the all side of the all-or-nothing spectrum. We often let outdoorsy things consume our entire life because we love it so much. S0 – we may go a bit overboard and like to have everything in our life show off our love of nature. 

T-Shirts for specific national parks just allow us to celebrate the things we love the most – the outdoors! So, indulge our obsession and grab us this shirt. 

Grab a national park t-shirt here. 

18. Local Hiking Guides

If you feel like your hiking loved one already has all the gear they need – then maybe something to increase their knowledge would be a more beneficial gift. 

Get them a local hiking guide – highlighting local trails and activities. Usually these guides not only give you the location – but they’ll also tell you what to expect on the trail, including distance, elevation, and terrain. And if there is any history about the trail or the land the guides will usually highlight that as well. 

So, get your loved one the gift of knowledge and grab a local hiking guide as a gift! It’s an incredibly useful outdoorsy  gift for him that he’ll definitely appreciate. 

Get a local hiking guide here for New England trails here.  

19. Write in the Rain Notebook

There’s nothing more peaceful than being in the woods. So, any hiker knows that stopping to reflect is something more easily done while in the woods. 

This write in the rain notebook is perfect for those reflection moments. You don’t want to use regular notebooks for this because of the weather. Not only can it rain, but even high humidity or general damp conditions can cause regular paper to become unusable quickly. 

You wont have to worry about that with this write in the rain notebook. The pages will stay dry and useable no matter the weather. This makes it an incredibly useful outdoorsy gift for him while on the trail. 

Get the write in the rain notebook here

20. BUFF Headware

When you’re outdoors – neck and head protection is absolutely essential. Not only are you sweating – and that can make you too cold easily (especially in winter) – but you’re also exposed to the elements. Sunburn is the worst for any outdoorsy person as it can cause pain and dryness for several days. No fun at all.

Wearing proper head/neck protection is essential – and the BUFF® headware is the best there is. It’s merino wool (see above for my love of this fabric), lightweight, offers UV protection, and is just generally great for any hike.  This is a fantastic gift any hiker will absolutely appreciate! 

Get BUFF® headware here

21. Scratch-off National Parks Poster

Who doesn’t love to keep track of their accomplishments? If your hiker loves to jet-set around visiting and accomplishing some of the best National Parks in the United States – then this poster is for them. 

This is a scratch-off poster specifically for national parks. So, if your hiker cares more about national parks than visiting countries or states – then this poster fits their bill just right.

Seriously, scratching a park off this poster is incredibly satisfying – and something any hiker will enjoy. 

Get the scratch off national parks poster here

I hope you’ve found this guide containing 21 Best Outdoorsy Gifts for Him helpful as you are doing your holiday shopping. 

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