25 Under $25 Outdoorsy Gifts

25 Outdoorsy Gifts Under $25 They’ll Really Love This Year

Wondering what to get your outdoorsy friend or family member this year without breaking the bank?

No matter if your loved one enjoys hiking, paddling, backpacking, climbing, or all of the above – outdoorsmen and women always need more things! And there are plenty of options in that under $25 range perfect for those gift buyers with a budget. 

So, check out this guide of 25 outdoorsy gifts under $25 to find the perfect, affordable, gift this year. 

25 Outdoorsy Gifts Under $25 (2021 Gift Guide)


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I may receive commission for purchases made through links in these post. All links are to products I highly recommend.

1. Ultralight Power Bank

Technology has taken over the world, including the outdoors. Us outdoorsy people have a lot of tech we like to bring with us when outside. Whether it’s our phone for directions/gps/photos, or a smart watch to keep track of elevation, mileage and time, a lot of outdoorsy people carry tech with them during their adventures. 

But, we all know battery life doesn’t always keep up with a full day of use. The last thing anyone wants is for their phone to die in the middle of their day. Not only is it inconvenient, but it can be dangerous if you’re using your phone for navigation purposes. 

An ultralight power bank, that can be carried in a backpack, is a great option for anyone with tech on their outdoor adventures. When your devices get low, just plug them in and get a full charge for the rest of your time on the trail. 

Get the ultralight power bank here. 

2. Hydration Bladder

Although some beginner outdoorsy people prefer to carry water bottles whenever they go – more experienced outdoorsmen and women love a hydration bladder. 

A hydration bladder is a flexible container that holds water, and also loops through your pack with a mouthpiece so you can drink without having to get into your pack again. 

The convince factor is off the charts – and honestly, I find I drink way more water when I have a bladder with me compared to when I don’t. And anyone exercising outdoors knows that more hydration is always a good thing. 

This affordable gift is perfect for your outdoorsy friend or family member without breaking the bank! 

Get a hydration bladder here

3. Hammock

Hammocks are by-far the most loved piece of gear from any outdoors-loving person. Even beginners or those new to the outdoors love to relax, gently swinging between two trees.

But, after a long, sweaty day of adventuring – nothing is better than a hammock.  Hammocks are great for those multi-day adventures for downtime, but they’re also great gifts for people who may not do as intense adventuring – but love to relax and read a book, journal, or just nap while outside. 

Seriously, nothing is better than a nap in the middle of the woods and your outdoorsy friend or family member will definitely appreciate this outdoorsy gift under $25.

So grab a hammock today and let the relaxation begin! 

4. Hiking Passport

Do you know a hiker who for the life of them can’t remember what hikes they’ve been on? That’s definitely me –  I can’t tell you the number of times I get on a trail that I think is new to me, and turns out I’ve definitely done this hike before. 

The Adventure Hiking Passport allows you actually document your outdoor adventures as a keepsake so you’ll never forget if you’ve done an activity before. It’s acts as a journal allowing you to document things like location, distance, weather, difficulty and more. This way you’ll never forget where you’ve been! 

So, this is a great gift for your sentimental, or your forgetful outdoorsman or woman – making it a perfect and affordable outdoorsy gift under $25. 

Get the hiking passport here. 

5. Ultralight Collapsable Kettle

I think by now we’ve all seen those videos of people drinking tea after an incredible adventure outdoors. And after seeing those videos for myself – I can honestly say that we all want that zen in our life.

This collapsable kettle will help your favorite outdoorsman or woman reach their zen.  Not only is this kettle collapsable – but it also contains a metal bottom, so you don’t need to worry about damaging the silicone.

It holds a lot of water as well – making it perfect for making tea or coffee for yourself and others in only one go. 

If you want your outdoorsy friend or family member to fully enjoy what all these videos claim is amazing – then grab this kettle. 

Get the collapsable kettle here. 

6. Hiking and Backpacking Stove

If you’re packing a kettle on a hike then you’ll need to make sure you have a way to heat it up.

This stove is perfect for hiking, camping, and backpacking as it’s ultralight and easy to use. And when its paired with the fuel, it will allow you to heat up anything – a kettle, dinner, or just plain water.

What more could your outdoorsy friend or family member want while outside?

Get the hiking stove here. 

7. Fuel for Hiking and Backpacking Stove

If you have a kettle and a stove then you don’t want to forget to pick up some fuel. Otherwise, that stove wont be getting anything heated! 

Grab the ultralight fuel perfect for hiking and backpacking here. 

outdoorsy gifts under $25

8. Darn Tough Women’s Socks

Darn Tough socks are absolutely incredible. Seriously. Any hikers or outdoorsy person knows about Darn Tough socks – and they’re definitely going to appreciate receiving these as a gift. 

Socks can make or break any outdoor adventure. Darn Tough socks are merino wool socks, meaning they’ll keep your feet comfortable and dry no matter the distance. 

Also, they’re made in in the United States – Vermont to be exact! That combined with their lifetime guarantee makes them an excellent outdoorsy gift under $25. –

I wear Darn Tough socks on almost every hike – and am never disappointed. 

Get Darn Tough Socks for women here. 

9. Darn Tough Men’s Socks

Although I haven’t even worn the Men’s version of Darn Tough socks – I’m sure they are every bit as exceptional as their Women’s socks. 

So if you’re on the fence – these socks are completely worth it. Their durability, merino wool composition, and lifetime guarantee make them the perfect outdoorsy gift.

Grab Darn Tough Socks for men here. 

10. Headlamp

When you’re on a multi-day adventure then you’re going to have to determine how you’re going to navigate the dark. A headlamp is essential for these adventures and luckily is a very affordable gift for your outdoorsy loved one. 

This headlamp is great because it’s bright, lightweight, has three lighting settings and lasts for over 100 hours. And it comes with a 5-year guarantee, which is great for an item that will get some heavy use in harsh conditions. 

So, grab this headlamp to get a great outdoorsy gift under $25 for your loved one. 

11. Carabiners

For whatever reason, outdoorsy people love to be able to hang stuff.  Whether that’s hanging stuff off a backpack, hanging up wet clothes or shoes, keeping your bag out of the mud or dirt, or just making something a bit more convenient – we need something to help us hang things. Carabiners are the colorful and extremely effective way of doing this. 

An outdoorsy person can never have enough carabiners and will sure appreciate getting a new set for their next hike. Grab some colorful options to make sure they get one they really love. 

Get carabiners here.

12. First Aid Kit

Every outdoorsy person know – safety has to come first. So, first aid kits are something outdoorsmen and women go through a lot of. 

Since a first aid kit is absolutely essential if you’re going to be outdoors in anyway, it makes a great gift. Even for short trips/adventures – everyone should always have a first aid kit with them. 

So, a brand new first aid kit will be the perfect gift to help your hiker put safety first! 

Get a lightweight first aid kit here. 

outdoorsy gifts under $25

13. Dry Bags

Being anywhere near water requires some extra gear to make sure your stuff doesn’t get soaked. Paddlers know all about dry bags – but they’re also great for all types of outdoorsy adventures. 

Dry bags are special equipment bags that wrap up tightly and are completely water proof. This keeps all your clothing or other gear completely dry and safe from the elements. 

Any outdoorsy person would appreciate a good dry bag – so they’re a great outdoorsy gift under $25. 

Get a dry bag here. 

14. Paddle Leash

Now this one is for the paddlers – whether kayakers or SUPs (stand up paddleboarders). 

If you’ve ever lost a paddle while out on the water you’ll know the value of a paddle leash. And considering how affordable these are – it’s the perfect outdoorsy gift under $25. 

A paddle leash attaches to your vessel and the paddle. This ensures that no matter what happens on the water your paddle will always be with you. Even if you flip! 

Grab a paddle leash here.

15. Platypus Water Bottle – 1 Liter

Every outdoorsy person will have their favorite water bottle – but trust me, the Platypus water bottle will make any who loves the outdoors very happy.

This is because this water bottle is incredibly lightweight – but also incredibly flexible. When you’re done drinking you can just roll it up and it becomes MUCH smaller.

So, it weighs nearly nothing, takes up almost no space once empty, and can support an entire liter of water. You can’t get a better water bottle – making it a fantastic outdoorsy gift for under $25. 

Get the platypus water bottle – 1 Liter here. 

16. Platypus Water Bottle – 2 Liter

Now if you like the idea of the 1-liter Platypus Water Bottle, then check out the 2-Liter version. 

Yes, it’s a little bigger – but it still has all the same features as the 1-liter bottle. It’s lightweight, flexible, and stands on its own. 

So really which one you get is a matter of preference. If you’re not sure which one your outdoorsy loved one will like – grab both! That way they’re sure to be happy. 

Get the 2-liter platypus water bottle here. 

17. Microspikes

Outdoorsy people often don’t let weather stop them. If your outdoorsy friend or loved one continues to go out in the ice or snow -then micro spikes may be a great affordable gift for them. 

Microspikes attach to the bottom of hiking boots to provide traction while walking in snow and ice. Without them, hikers or backpackers would slip and slide all over the trail making hiking nearly impossible. 

So, grab this affordable outdoorsy gift for under $25 and help your friend hike in all weather. 

Grab some microspikes here

outdoorsy gifts under $25

18. Pee Cloth

Now this gift might get a bit personal – but trust me, if you’re a woman who spends anytime outdoors you’ll appreciate a pee cloth

Theres nothing worse than spending all day in the woods and worrying about how you’ll go to the bathroom. Carrying in/out dirty toilet paper doesn’t sound too exiting for anyone I know. 

A antimicrobial pee cloth is the PERFECT hiking or camping accessory for any outdoor adventurer. It air dries, has antimicrobial properties, and snaps onto the outside of a pack.

Seriously, any outdoorsy female will absolutely appreciate a pee cloth for their next adventure. 

Get an antimicrobial pee cloth here. 

19. Camping T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a good, comfortable T-shirt? Outdoorsy people don’t always need clothes made specifically for their adventures –  we also need clothes for times when we aren’t outside!

This T-shirt is great for casual outings and to show off to the world all the things that outdoorsy people love –  The outdoors!

Plus it comes in several different colors – pick the one that you like the most! 

Get the T-shirt here. 

20. Write in the Rain Notebook

There’s nothing more peaceful than being in the woods. So, any outdoorsman or woman knows that stopping to reflect is something more easily done while in the woods. 

This write in the rain notebook is perfect for those reflection moments. You don’t want to use regular notebooks for while outdoors because of the weather. Not only can it rain, but even high humidity or general damp conditions can cause regular paper to become unusable quickly. 

You don’t have to worry about the weather with this write in the rain notebook. The pages will stay dry and useable no matter the weather.

Get the write in the rain notebook here. 

21. Hiking Stickers

Who doesn’t love to cover their gear and equipment in stickers? It’s a common pastime for all outdoorsy people – and trust me, we all love stickers.

Whether it’s stickers on a water bottle, backpack, or a food stashers – you name it and we can put a sticker on it.

So, any outdoorsy person won’t be disappointment with this outdoorsy gift under $25.

Get them a 107pc outdoors themed sticker pack here.

outdoorsy gifts under $25

22. Beeswax Food Wraps

Outdoorsy people are always looking for ways to be more eco-friendly. We appreciate nature and natural resources as they are what allow us to have the adventures we love so much. So, we like to make sure we’re doing our part to keep our environment going strong. 

With that said, anytime there are opportunities to decrease waste – we jump on them. So, these beeswax food wraps are the perfect outdoorsy gift under $25 for your eco-conscious outdoorsy loved one. 

The wraps eliminate the need for plastic wrap or ziplock for food storage. They can be rinsed off and reused easily, and are extremely lightweight. 

Your outdoorsy loved one would absolutely love to receive these as a gift this year. 

Grab beeswax food wraps here. 

23. Local Hiking Guides

If you feel like your hiking loved one already has all the gear they need – then maybe getting them something to increase their knowledge would be a more beneficial gift.

Grab a local hiking or kayaking guide that highlights local trails and activities. Usually these guides not only give you the location – but they’ll also tell you what to expect, including distance, elevation, and terrain. 

And if there is any history about the trail or the land the guides will usually highlight that as well. 

So, get your loved one the gift of knowledge and grab a local hiking guide as a gift! It’s an incredibly useful outdoorsy gift under $25 they’re sure to love.

Get a local hiking guide here for New England trails here.  

24.National Park Gear/Shirts

One great option for an outdoorsy gift under $25 is a T-shit that shows off your loved ones favorite things – National Parks. 

Outdoorsy people are often on the all side of the all-or-nothing spectrum. We often let outdoorsy things consume our entire life because we love it so much. S0 – we may go a bit overboard and like to have everything in our life show off our love of nature. 

T-Shirts for specific national parks just allow us to celebrate the things we love the most – the outdoors! So, indulge our obsession and grab us this shirt. 

Grab a national park t-shirt here. 

25. Female Urinal

Another personal trail item – but again one totally worth it if taking long, extensive hikes or backpacking trips is her thing.

A female urinal is just a small, usually silicone funnel, that directs pee away from the person while they continue to stand.  It’s useful for people who have trouble squatting, or just don’t want to take off their gear to use the bathroom on the trail.

It’s a great stand alone gift – but also a great addition to a pee cloth gift. 

This gift isn’t for everyone – as not everyone wants or needs to stand to pee in the woods. But if your outdoorswoman carries lots of gear or has trouble going up/down a lot – then a female urinal may be the right gift for her. 

Get a female urinal here. 

Hopefully this gift guide has helped sparked some ideas for your outdoorsy loved one in a way that doesn’t break the bank. If you have any questions about these 25 under $25 gift options for outdoorsy people please feel free to contact us through the contact page. Happy Shopping! 

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