Who We Are?

KGAdventures was founded by Kylia in an attempt to make getting outdoors easier for everyone. 

Exploring a hiking trail

When starting her outdoors journey, she found it all incredibly difficult to figure out where to start. Where are the hiking trails for beginners? Kayaking launch sites for a first-time kayaker? Are there bathrooms available? It was a challenge to find quality, local information on where to go and what to expect.

KGAdventures is a platform to share the information Kylia has learned with others to help answer those questions and make it easier to get outdoors again. 

What We Do:

KGAdventures is about helping people get outdoors again.

When we were little we played outdoors and it was fun. Then we grew up, got jobs, and got busy. Between grocery shopping, work, and caring for kids when were we supposed to get outdoors?

But, our bodies know – we want to be outside. We want to play again, have fun again and breathe some fresh air. But finding the right trail can be difficult. Does it allow dogs? Is this place good for kids? Are there bathrooms available? Suddenly, what we thought would be refreshing turns into another tedious task of researching the right place for us.

KGAdvenures believes that getting outdoors again shouldn’t require hours of searching online… and we want to help provide all the information you need to get outdoors again.

So, if you need information on where you should go, what you should expect, and what gear you need to get outdoors again – you’ve come to the right place. 

We’re glad you’re here. 

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