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6 Best Hiking Trails in Greenwich, Connecticut

Hiking locally is an activity I love to do. Not only are the trails just a few minutes away, but hiking locally can be an environmentally friendly choice due to reduced travel. But, local trails are sometimes hard to find, and in my experience that has been the truth when looking for hiking in Greenwich, Connecticut. So, I know first hand how challenging it can be to find somewhere to hike near Greenwich. 

In Greenwich, Connecticut there are several hiking trails to choose from. My 6 best choices include Babcock Preserve, Montgomery Pinetum Park, Edward Schongalla Nature Preserve, Mianus River Park, Greenwich Audubon Sanctuaries, and just across the NY border lies Mianus River Gorge. These are mostly easy trails, although a few have medium-level trail options to explore. 

Let’s look into the each of these hiking trails around Greenwich, CT in more detail, so you can choose the best trail for you!  

Summary of the Best Hiking Trails in Greenwich, CT

RatingTrail NameParkDistanceElevation
EasyBabcock Preserve LoopBabcock Nature Preserve4.1 miles (can be shorter)249 ft.
EasyMontgomery Pinetum LoopMontgomery Pinetum Park1.9 miles164 ft.
EasyYellow/Blue LoopEdward Schongall Nature Preserve0.5 miles117 ft.
EasyYellow TrailMianus River Park4.9 miles321 ft.
EasyAudubon Center TrailAudubon Greenwich2.3 miles200 ft.
EasyOld Growth Forest and Farmland Trail LoopMianus River Gorge (Bedford, NY)4.1 miles541 ft.

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Babcock Nature Preserve

Babcock Nature Preserve is a small park nestled in Northern Greenwich that is perfect if you’re looking for something really remote. When you’re hiking at Babcock it’s pretty quiet as there isn’t a lot around. 

There are two main trails here – the blue and the yellow, with other smaller trails connecting them. To complete the Babcock Preserve Loop you’ll hike both the blue and yellow trails, but know that they aren’t super well marked, so you may get a bit lost. Luckily it’s always easy to cut back through and eventually find a well marked place. 

With that said, if you don’t want to do the full 4 mile loop, then you can also easily cut some time off of that using those same interspersing trails. 

Check out my guide to hiking Babcock Preserve here

Montgomery Pinetum Park

There’s only one hiking trail available in Montgomery Pinetum Park, and that’s the Montgomery Pinetum Park loop. But don’t let the lack of trails deter you – this park and this small trail has a lot to offer. 

It travels next to a very beautiful lake and has a few older rock structures built on the lands to check out. Shorter hikes can be great ways to get out into nature and destress from life or work, and this trail will definitely help you do that. 

Because it is near a lake, it can be quite buggy during mosquito season and muddy after it rains. Just be prepared with some good bug spray and some quality boots and you’ll be all set for this trail! 

Edward Schongalla Nature Preserve

The shortest hike on this list is the one at Edward Schongalla Nature Preserve, and actually it’s technically two hikes put into one. The yellow trail totals 0.32 miles, and the blue trail totals 0.23 miles – so together we get a whopping 0.55 mile hike. 

But, let’s not put down a trail just because it’s short – you can experience a lot of nature in 0.55 miles! It’s the place to go for reducing stress after work, or for letting kids run around to release energy after school or on a long weekend. 

This trail will feel like a remote hiking trail without having to leave Greenwich or spend hours in the woods. 

Mianus River gorge waterfall

Mianus River Park

Mianus River Park is one of the largest areas on this list with multiple trails spreading across Greenwich and Stamford. There are multiple different trail here, and some of them even border on medium level if you head through the middle of the park. 

But, the trail I’m highlighting here is the yellow trail, which goes around the entire outside of the park on both sides. You’ll get a little bit of everything with this trail, including the river walk portion alongside the Mianus River. 

If you don’t want to do the entire 4.0 mile journey around the entire park you can make it shorter by cutting through on one of the trails that head through the middle – but know that might bump up your hike to a medium-intensity level. 

Also know the parking lots for this park (there are two) are always full, and they will ticket you if you’re not in the lot. Get there early or go at off-peak hours to be able to get in without waiting for a spot. 

Greenwich Audubon Center

The Greenwich Audubon Center is a gem of a location in Greenwich. Yes, you can hike here but also there are educational events, kids groups, and learning opportunities for all ages. I highly recommend checking this place even if you’re not all that into hiking.

But, if you are looking for hiking trails there are several to choose from across two sanctuaries.

The main sanctuary has 7 miles of trails and contains the Audubon Center Trail, which I’m highlighting here. It has a beautiful lake and some great fields with wildflowers to enjoy. It will be a bit muddy and likely will be buggy – so bring that bug spray. 

If you want to try out some other trails there are other options at the main sanctuary. But, you can also try out the Fairfield Wildflower Audubon Sanctuary, also located in Greenwich, which contains an additional 8 miles of trails

Mianus River Gorge (Bedford, NY)

Okay, so Mianus River Gorge park isn’t in Greenwich – it’s in Bedford, NY. But, it’s so close to Greenwich, and such a great park, that I included it here. 

The loop I highlighted above covers most of the main trails, and features a waterfall, rock quarry, water reservoir, and a small overlook. I mean, what else could you want from a hike – this one clearly has everything packed into one! 

This trail is probably the most up and down out of all the others listed here, so expect to get some cardio. But, overall it’s still on the easy side, comparatively. 

I highly recommend checking out my trail guide to this park before you go. There are some unique things about this area you’ll want to know about before heading out and the guide highlights them all. 

Babcock Nature Preserve Hiking in Greenwich, CT

If you’re looking to get out and hike, but want to stay local to Greenwich, then these 6 best hiking trails in Greenwich will help you find the perfect place to go. 

I’d recommend making a plan to check out all of them! They each have their own unique flair and are great places to visit. 

If you’re looking to expand beyond this list check out our best hiking trails near Stamford, Connecticut article. You may see some duplicates, but most are fully Stamford trails. 

Happy Hiking! 

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