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A hiking backpack is one of the best pieces of gear any hiker carries. Finding one with a water bladder, multiple compartments for storage, and that fits comfortably is essential for any successful hike, big or small. I personally love a backpack with multiple storage spots, as having all my items in their homes brings my organized-heart so much joy while outdoors. 

Finding the right pack that is functional for you and your activities can be challenging. There are so many features of hiking backpacks to consider when choosing a pack and you’ll want to choose the one that’s right for you. 

For me, the Teton Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack is perfect for a local day hike. 

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Hiking Backpack Feature: Water Bladder

The Teton Sports Oasis 1100 contains a 2-liter or 3-liter option inside of the hiking backpack. A water bladder is such a convenient part of a backpack suitable for day hiking. I use the 2-liter pack, instead of the 3-liter pack, to reduce weight.

When I was first getting into hiking I used to lug around my heavy reusable water bottle. I’d carry it in my hands, or pack it inside one of my old backpacks lying around the house. Although this was technically functional (I was still hydrated), getting a pack with a water bladder totally changed my hiking experience. 

The water bladder is filled with water and hooked into the back of the pack. The Teton Sports Oasis has it’s own water bladder pocket that it slides into and secures. At the top, there is a velcro loop that keeps the bladder upright in the pack. 

The straw connects at the bottom of the bladder and loops to the top of the pack and down the shoulder strap where it connects to the pack. This makes for permanent easy drinking access.

I am a person who wants to constantly drink water on a hike. Seriously, the first drop of sweat forms and I feel like I’m ready to die of thirst unless I can drink something NOW. The water bladder helps me so much as I don’t have to constantly stop, open my pack, dig for my water bottle, get it out of my pack, take a sip, replace it, close my pack, and get started hiking again. I can just grab the straw and take a drink all while still hiking. 

It’s also great for my hiking friends who appreciate not having to stop every 5 minutes for my incessant thirst. 

The included water bladder is definitely one of my favorite things about this hiking backpack. 

Hiking Backpack Feature: Compartments

When I get a new hiking backpack, the first thing I do is look for all the pockets to store stuff.  This is because my head thinks I am a perfectly organized clean person, but my soul knows I am someone who can create some serious clutter. Hiking and clutter don’t mix well and having multiple pockets allow me to carry all my stuff without the clutter as my things have homes in their specific pockets. 

The Teton Sports Oasis 1100 has four main pockets.

  • One large pocket in the back for the storage and hook-in for the water bladder.
  • One large pocket for storing larger items like more water, extra clothing, or a first aid kit. 
  • One medium pocket in the front for storing snacks, cell phone, sunglasses, or other similar items. 
  • One small pocket that I use for my keys and wallet. 

Additionally, it has straps on the very front of the pack that could be used to secure a jacket or other soft item.

The storage in this backpack is large, without making the pack heavy. Even with carrying the essentials for a hike I rarely fill it up. It’s truly the perfect size for a day hike. 

Hiking Backpack Feature: Fit and Comfort

A hiking backpack with all of the features is great, but if it doesn’t fit well or isn’t comfortable, then it isn’t going to be a functional hiking pack for me. A pack with a water bladder and endless pockets will be unusable if it hurts my back or rubs my shoulders. Fit and comfort are really make-it or break-it features that your hiking backpack must have. 

Luckily, the Teton Sports Oasis 1100 backpack is incredibly comfortable, and fits me extremely well. 

I have worn this pack for 6+ hours without breaks and it has gone up mountains, over rivers, and deep into the woods with me and continued to be comfortable the entire time. 

  • The pack has padding with notched foam in the shoulder straps and the back to provide extra protection and comfort.
  • It’s straps are adjustable, so you can customize the fit for your body type and needs.
  • The pack weighs only 2lbs, so you’re not carrying extra unneeded weight.
  • It contains hip and chest straps for extra weight distribution and pack stability
Hiking Backpack Padding

Being uncomfortable while hiking can really take a great activity and make it miserable. No one wants an aching back or shoulder blisters with 2 miles left. Choosing a comfortable pack is crucial for ensuring your hike goes smoothly. The Teton Sports Oasis 1100 delivers on comfort and will allow you  to focus on what’s really important: the hike itself. 

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