Women laying in red hammock that is strung above the group that overlooks water and mountains are in the distance

58 Thoughtful Hiking Gifts for Her [For Every Budget]

If you have someone in your life who loves to hike, then you’re probably wanting to gift her something that she’ll actually use when hitting the trails. But, if you aren’t that into hiking yourself, or if she seems to have every piece of gear imaginable, then you may be wondering what is a meaningful or useful hiking gift for her? 

If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. As a hiking girl myself, I have collected a long list of items that I would love to have on the trail and would make great gifts for anyone who loves to hike. Of this list, I’ve chosen the best 58 that I think make the most thoughtful hiking gifts for her. And don’t worry, there’s something in this list for every budget (including those with $0 budgets)! 

So, if you’ll looking for a hiking gift for her this year, then keep reading and choose something off the list below!

Women laying in red hammock that is strung above the group that overlooks water and mountains are in the distance

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Hiking Gifts for Her that are Free!

1. Clean Her Gear

Now typically, the first item in a gift guide would just be a random item on the list. But, this item isn’t that. In fact, I’ve listed cleaning her gear first on my gift guide specifically because I truly believe it’s the best item in the entire list (so it’s earned the number 1 spot).  

I hate cleaning my gear, and every year when it hits November/December I start procrastinating on the tedious process until about February where I finally force myself to do it. But, if someone in my life would clean my gear for me, then I’d be thankful forever. 

And, most gear can be cleaned with cleaning supplies you have around your house. The only thing is that you’ll need to research how to clean the gear you’ll be cleaning (whether its boots, backpacks, or stains in clothing) so you make sure you don’t damage the material. But, with a little research and some elbow grease you can truly give one of the best hiking gifts for her that doesn’t cost a dime. 

2. Plan a Hike

Hikers love to hike, and they especially love to share that experience with the people closest to them!  I hike solo a lot, and can assure you that if someone were to plan a hike with me as their gift, it would be so incredibly appreciated. 

I’d love to share my love for the woods with those closest to me – and if I don’t have to do the planning (where to go, when to go, etc…), then even better. So, plan a hike for you and your loved one and you’ll be sure to give one of the best gifts there is: quality time. 

3. Volunteer with a Local Park or Organization

I love experience gifts. Even though some people can buy whatever they want as a gift, I think nothing beats quality time with my friends and family. So, if you’re not quite up for hiking (or you physically can’t), then another great option is to volunteer with a local organization that is adjacent to hiking. 

Some examples would be park clean ups, volunteering with a local trail maintenance group,  or helping with local get-togethers for outdoorsy talks or conferences. There are usually lots of options local to you, if you just research a little. Plus, this allows you and your loved one to spend time together while helping others. What more could you want from a gift? 

4. Bake Trail Snacks​

Baking and/or cooking is often a go-to gift for those looking to stay under a certain budget. And, luckily for you – hikers love a good trail snack. So, baking a trail snack for them would absolutely be appreciated as a gift.  

Now, there’s a lot of different ways you can go about this, but my recommendation would be the dehydration route. A dehydrated fruit jerky (or even meat jerky) can last a long time before expiring. So, if they aren’t actively hiking during the winter months they can enjoy it come spring when they hit the trails again. Dehydrated fruit bars are fairly easy to make in your oven (though it can take some time), and are easy to throw into a pack as you hit the trail and make a great hiking gift for her.  

5. Homemade Bandanas or Gaitors​

Yes, you can buy bandanas or gaitors, but if you have some sewing skills and some fabric laying around you can make them too. Bandanas are fairly well-known items and can be made easily from fabric laying around. But, unless you’re a hiker or outdoorsy person in general you may not have heard of a gaitor. 

Gaitors are fabric pieces that wrap around the tops of your boots to prevent dirt, rocks, and sticks from slipping into your shoes while hiking. They also help keep mud off your ankles and legs as you trek through the woods. Gaitors can be costly though, so many people avoid purchasing them. But, if you have some sewing skills and some time to research patterns, then throwing together some homemade gaitors would be an excellent gift for any hiker. 

two backpacks lay on rocks in the woods. The gray pack has a red mat rolled on it. The second backpack is blue.

Hiking Gifts for Her Under $25

6. Portable Charger

Most hikers love their devices.  Whether its a phone to use for navigations, emergencies, and photos, or something more niche like a fitness watch, GoPro, fancy camera, or a GPS tracker, there are very few hikers who head out on the trails without something electronic with them. 

And the thing about electronics is that they’re only as good as their battery. Which is why chargers, and especially portable lightweight chargers are so important to bring with you when hiking. This is why gifting a portable charger for your hiking loved one is an excellent gift, and one that doesn’t have to break the bank. Now, of course there are fancier versions that are costly, but my favorite one in this range is the this one on Amazon. It’s superlightweight and holds a serious charge for longer hiking treks. 

7. Outdoorsy Books

If your loved one is a bit of a bookworm, then getting her a hiking-related book is an excellent gift that combines her two passions: reading and hiking! 

My recommendations for excellent books that are related to hiking include: 

  • Grandma Gatewood’s Walk: The inspiring story of Emma Gatewood who was the first woman to hike the Appalachian Trail solo. Carrying only a change of clothes she escaped an abusive marriage into the woods, and hiked many cross-country trails promoting their maintenance and conservation along her way. 
  • Thru Hiking will Break Your HeartA journey of one woman’s trek on the Pacific Crest Trail to escape from screens and walk the 2,660 miles to Canada
  • Two Far in the North: A book about the “grandmother of conservation” who always took her babies hiking and whose efforts led to the Wilderness Conservation Act.

8. Darn Tough Socks

All hikers know that socks are the most important piece of gear they’ll have on them while hiking. And, Darn Tough socks are the absolute best you can get.

Despite being pretty affordable, these socks are made in the U.S.A and come with a lifetime (yes, lifetime) warranty. There aren’t many pieces of hiking gear that take as much of a beating as the socks, so to have a lifetime warranty on something like socks is pretty impressive. 

Even though socks may seem like a boring gift, getting her Darn Tough socks will be one of the best gifts she gets this year. 

9. Kula Cloth ​

Okay, so this one’s a bit personal and is likely only appropriate if you’re really close to the person you’re buying the gift for. But, if you feel like that fits the bill of your relationship for your giftee, then a Kula Cloth is absolutely the way to go. 

If you’ve never heard of a Kula Cloth before, it’s a pee cloth that you can carry with you on the trail. Toilet paper isn’t really trail friendly (and definitely not leave no trace friendly), and that’s where a Kula Cloth comes in. This cloth is small, can easily be clipped onto a backpack, and is antimicrobial, so you can use it for days without washing it. Then, when you do need to wash it, you can do so in the washing machine. 

For females, I’m not sure if there’s a better piece of equipment than the Kula Cloth – and it would make an excellent hiking gift for her. 

10. Collapsible Water Bowl for Dogs ​

If your loved one hikes with a pup (which, who doesn’t love to do that?), then a great hiking gift for her may actually be one she can use for her dog. 

This collapsible water bowl is so easy to bring with you and use on the trail. Not only does it collapse, it’s also extremely lightweight and can be easily attached onto a backpack or a harness. Water is so important for everyone (and every pet) that’s hiking on the trail. So, get her something that will take care of her loved ones – including her pups! 

a hand holds a black compass out in the center of the image with rolling green and blue mountains in the background

11. First Aid Kit

Every hiker needs a first aid kit, but not every hiker is proactive about picking one up for their trips.  And, even if they do have one already, they can get pretty messy quickly anytime you go grab a bandaid for a blister, or some ibuprofen for aching knees on the trail. Those little kits aren’t super easy to keep organized. 

So, if you have a hiker in your life a first aid kit made for the outdoors is an excellent gift for them this year. These kits are lightweight, and designed with a hiker in mind and will be surely something she’ll love to receive this year. 

12. BUFF Neckwear

BUFF neckwear are an essential piece of hiking gear for any women just because of how versatile they are! In the summer, they protect the head/neck from sunburn, help keep you cool by wicking sweat, and help keep your hair pulled back away from the face. In the winter, they help keep you warm, protect your face and neck, and wick sweat to make sure you don’t get too cold. What more could you want?

Now, BUFFs are right at the upper end of the $25 budget range – but if you search through the colors they come in, there’s typically one or two that come in right under that budget. 

13. New Waterbottle (consider the Platypus bottle)

Water bottles are common gifts for anyone nowadays (can you remember a time you didn’t have your emotional support water bottle with you?). But, for hikers a new water bottle must have a few features to be  considered useful. 

That’s why, anytime I recommend a water bottle for hikers, it’s always the Platypus water bottle. This isn’t a bottle you’d see just everyday people walking around with, but is specifically designed for those who are adventuring outdoors. This bottle is lightweight, flexible, can roll up when empty (reducing space), and is designed to fit directly into common water filters, like the Sawyer Squeeze. I never hike without a platypus water bottle (or two), and highly recommend them as excellent gifts for your hiking loved one. 

14. Body Glide

Something you don’t see a lot of hikers talking about is chafing. But for female hikers, chafing is definitely an issue at the top of their mind anytime they hit the trail. The solution to chafing? Picking up some body glide

Body glide can be used on the feet to prevent from blisters, on the legs to prevent chafing, and on really anywhere else she expects a rash to form. Although this is a bit of a more intimate gift (I wouldn’t give this to an acquaintance as you’ll be seen as a weirdo if you do), it is an great gift if you have that type of relationship. 

15. Journal

Now, I’m not personally a big writing/journal fan. It’s just not my thing. But, for many women, and especially women hikers, journaling is a really important part of their life and hikes. 

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve passed someone resting on the trail with a journal out just reflecting on their experience. Most of the time people hike because it helps them get out of the busy world and into nature where they’re better in tune with themselves for that reflection. If this sounds like your hiking loved one, then picking up a journal for their hikes may be something they’d really appreciate. 

I wouldn’t just pick up any journal though, be sure to get one like this water-proof journal that’s perfect for hiking. It’s small, lightweight, and won’t be ruined in a sudden downpour or on a humid hike. 

Women in yellow jacket, red hiking boots, sits next to a blue backpack on the top of a Rocky Mountain. Her knees are propped up with a journal resting on them as the woman writes in the journal. Journals make excellent hiking gifts for her.

16. National Parks Scratch-Off Poster

If your loved one is a bit of a Jetsetter who likes to travel around the United States crossing off National Parks, then she’s going to love this poster. The scratch-off national parks poster allows whoever owns it to scratch off the parks they’ve been to after they’ve visited. It’s almost like a little diary of their travels to different parks. 

Plus, it has a really cute design and is great to display on a wall for all to see! 

17. Gear Repair Tape (or Kit)

Bodies aren’t the only things that need first aid kits while hiking – her gear will too. Broken or ripped gear can make an easy hiking trip into one that’s incredibly difficult. So, picking up some gear repair tape as a gift is a great way to help her stay safe and comfortable while hiking. 

If you don’t just want to get tape, you can pick up an entire gear repair kit that has tape and a lot of other things that are invaluable for hikers to have on the trail. 

18. Water Bladder for Her Pack

Water bottles are great to have, but water bladders entirely change the hiking game. Instead of needing to fiddle with a water bottle, getting it in and out of your pack as needed, a water bladder gives you constant access to water without any hassle at all. 

When filled with water, this bladder sits in the backpack and has a long tube that slides over your shoulder allowing the wearer to drink at will as it’s always available on their shoulder. This is essential if you’ll be going on long hikes, backpacking trips, or are just someone who really likes to drink a lot of water (as you should on a hike). 

19. Headband

No one wants their hair flying all about on the trail (talk about knots…) and that becomes even more true is their hair is drenched in sweat and sticking to their face. That’s why most women hikers want their hair up, secured, and out of the way. 

Of course there’s a lot of ways to secure hair on the trail, but a headband is a favorite because not only is it functional, it also can be pretty cute too. Now, looking cute isn’t the be-all-end-all for most hikers, but it is nice to feel good about how you look, so even when you’re breathing heavy, have a red face, and are just struggling – you know your hair is taken care of. 

20. Backpacker Magazine Subscription

I know that magazine subscriptions are a bit outdated, but hear me out. If you can find a magazine that targets specifically her interests (hiking), then everything in there will be of interest to her. This is why, I am recommending getting her a Backpacker Magazine Subscription as a unique gift that fits her interests and adds values over the course of several months. 

Backpacker has great articles, gear guides, and just general tips and tricks for any outdoorsy person. It’s a great resource for us hikers and is a cool way to support that interest, especially if you feel like your loved one already has all the gear listed above. 

woman hiking solo in forested area with gray backpack

Hiking Gifts for Her Under $50

21. Leg Gaitors

Hiking can be pretty messy. Most hikes there’s some type of muddy trail, or mud hole that you have to find your way around (or just push through it) to continue on your way. All hikers know this and its a part of the game. But, if there are ways to prevent mud, dirt, rocks, and sticks from getting into your boots then you’re likely going to want to try them. 

That’s where gaitors come in. Gaitors wrap around your ankles and cover both your boots and your legs so that you’re able to keep out all that gunk when hiking. And, if you’re hiking in the snow, or rain, they can also help keep your boots and pants clean and dry. These aren’t always something hikers invest in, but I’ve never met a hiker who didn’t like them if they had them. 

22. All Trail Pro Subscription

Every hiker knows of AllTrails, and I’d be surprised if you could find one that doesn’t at least use the free version of this incredibly useful app. But, the Pro version of AllTrails is much better than the free version and would definitely be a gift that your hiking loved one would use every time they hit the trails. 

AllTrails is an app made for hikers, by hikers, as a way for the community to submit trails they’ve hiked. With the pro membership you can download maps to use when you don’t have service, and search for hikes based on their distance to you. I personally buy myself a pro subscription every year, but would absolutely appreciate it as a gift too. 

23. Hammock

There’s nothing better than lying in a hammock while in a particularly beautiful part of the trail. Whether you’re at an overlook, or just in the middle of the woods, being able to whip out a hammock to rest and enjoy the woods makes hiking all that much better. 

Plus, hammocks can be used off the trail too. Whether that’s at her house, or a local park, hammocks are always a great gift. And for hikers, they can use it just that much more. 

24. Hip Pack (aka Fanny Pack)

Now fanny packs (or hip packs, lumbar packs – whatever term you want to use), aren’t typically viewed as the most stylish of accessories. But, they sure are functional, especially while hiking. Not everyone needs or wants to carry a large backpack pack for just a short day trip, and that’s where hiking fanny packs come in. 

These packs are filled with pockets, water bottle holders, and strap on easy and comfortably so that you can enjoy your hike without pain. Even if you think your hiking loved one has a backpack, picking up a fanny for them will be the perfect size for shorter trips and a great addition to their gear repository. 

25. Bear Spray

If you’ve read any of the articles on my site, you’ll know that I’m always about safety first. Hiking, although incredibly rewarding and fun, can put you in harms way. And, if your loved one is hiking in bear country, then having proper bear protection is essential. 

For starters, bear spray is a must for them to carry on every hike. And while some people will pick this up with them, many don’t know they have expiration dates. So, even if you don’t use it in the time frame, you’ll still have to get a new one. They don’t last forever. Which is why picking up a new can of bear spray can make a great gift, and likely replace a potentially expired one already carried.

26. Dog Day Pack

If your loved one hikes with her furry friend, then getting a gift for the pup can be an excellent, thoughtful gift. Depending on the length of the hike, dogs may have a lot of stuff to bring with them (food, water, water bowl, treats, etc…) and so having a dedicated dog day pack they can carry can take a pound or two off the main, human-carried pack. 

And, if you’ll be hiking for long-distances those few extra ounces really do make a large difference. Plus, what pup wouldn’t like to feel important by having their own bag to carry? 

Women laying in red hammock that is strung above the group that overlooks water and mountains are in the distance

27. Photo Album and Pictures of Their Favorite Hikes

When thinking of who you’re buying this gift for, can you imagine them without a camera? If not, then getting them something picture focused may be a really appreciated gift. 

Most people take some type of photos when hiking, and many people take lots of photos of the beautiful places they travel. But, as is common these days, most of these pictures end up on a phone, or social media, where eventually they get buried by new pictures over time. So, collecting some of the best pictures they’ve had over the past year and placing them in an organized photo album would be an excellent gift she’ll really appreciate. 

28. REI Membership

I guarantee that if you have a hiking loved one, that they love REI.  Whether or not there’s a physical location nearby, most hiking aficionados rely on REI at some point to get the gear they need. 

And while they can just go in and buy what they need like at a normal store, REI offers a $30 membership that has some excellent benefits. First, anything they buy they get a portion back each year (in REI credit, but sometimes they offer it in cash as well), and they get access to all sorts of extras, like special sales, classes, and trips that non-members don’t have access to. 

Plus, this membership is a lifelong membership – so with this, you’re giving them a gift for life. 

29. Aeropress Coffee Maker

Having coffee on the trail seems like a farfetched idea, but with the areopress coffee maker it’s absolutely a possibility. In my opinion, this is definitely one of those luxury items that most people don’t purchase for themselves, but really would love to get it as a gift, which is completely why I’m recommending it. 

But, this isn’t for someone who likes to run through the trail without stopping. Those types of hikers don’t have the time or the need for coffee on the trail. Instead, it’s a great gift for the hiker who likes to stop along the way, take a break, and enjoy themselves. And, what better way to do that then a freshly made coffee? 

30. Trails Game

Hiking gifts don’t always have to be trail focused. In fact, some of my favorite hiking-themed gifts aren’t specific gear, but things in my everyday life related back to hiking. That’s where the Trails game comes in. 

This card/board game is so much fun to play, and brings hiking into the living room so you can play it with others. It’s also not a super long game either, so you can play it at family gatherings, or just with friends stopping by for a quick game night. I personally have this game, and love playing it just with my partner in a 1-to-1 set-up and it’s just as fun as it is when played in a group setting. 

The trails game is an excellent gift that I can guarantee she’ll appreciate receiving. 

31. Winter Hiking Gloves

If whoever you’re getting this gift for loves to hike in winter, then she’s going to need some special gear to make that possible. Some of this gear I’m highlighting elsewhere in this post, but one of my favorite to give as a gift is to pick up some winter hiking gloves.

Now, gloves made for hiking are going to have different characteristics than just general winter gloves. First, they’re going to need some additional insulation. They’re also going to need to be waterproof. And, surprisingly, they’ll often need to be slightly bigger than her hands so that she can wear liners underneath them to keep them even more warm. 

The ones I hike with are these, and they do an excellent job of keeping your hands warm if worn with glove liners. Without liners they last for about an hour before my hands started getting cold, which may be sufficient. With liners though, I can hike for hours without needing to take care of my hands. 

32. Sawyer Squeeze

Having enough water when hiking is essential for staying healthy on the trail. And while most hikers pack enough water, sometimes it’s better to pack some water and also bring a way to filter more so that you save on weight in your pack (water is very heavy). 

In cases like these a Sawyer Squeeze is the best piece of equipment to have. It’s a water filter, but it’s one that fits easily onto SmartWater bottles, or the platypus bottle I recommended above. It is also super lightweight and works by squeezing water through it to filter. So, it’s extremely easy to use. 

This is another one of those gifts that many people wouldn’t get themselves (unless they’re already doing overnights/camping/backpacking), but are excellent pieces of gear for your average day-hiker to cut their pack weight and keep them hydrated on normal hikes, or during emergencies. 

33. Cute Trail Hat

On the trail hats are essential for keeping the sun off of your face and neck, and keeping you cool (and sunburn free). Plus, hats are one of the easiest gifts to get because you can find them anywhere and in essentially endless styles. 

Although you can pick up a standard baseball cap for a hiker, I’d recommend getting a hat specifically designed for outdoor adventures. These hats have a wide brim, can be easily adjusted, and typically have some venting to allow for sweat evaporation. Plus, they also come in a variety of colors so you can pick one up that she’ll specifically love. 

women hiking solo carrying a large yellow backpack walking down a green trail with sloping hills and evergreen trees on the side and mountains in the distance

Hiking Gifts for Her Under $75

34. New Backpack

Backpacks are the backbone of every hiker’s gear. So, although I think this is an amazing gift to give someone, I wouldn’t do so without knowing the person’s preferences and for the fancier packs, their measurements. 

Standard day packs are of course easier to shop for, but if you’re looking for a recommendation, I use this one. I love this pack and truly think it’s the perfect day pack for any hiker. But, if you’re looking for larger packs for overnight trips, then getting measured first is essential for buying one that will fit the person. So, I do recommend hiking backpacks as gifts but with caution – don’t just buy one you like, but buy one she’ll like and in her size. 

35. Orange Jacket

This recommendation isn’t one for any jacket. This is specifically for an orange jacket. Why orange? Because it’s the standard color you need to wear in the woods when hiking during hunting season. It makes you stand out enough so that you aren’t mistaken by hunters when hiking. 

Now, not everyone heeds the advice to wear orange in hunting season, but it’s so important to wear the proper gear. By picking up an orange jacket like this one you’ll be gifting your loved one a way to stay warm and safe when hiking in fall or other hunting seasons. Now, the standard price for the one I recommended is higher than $75, but it’s almost always on sale for less, so I’ve put it in this category. If you find it’s higher than $75, just give it a few days and it’ll likely go on sale. 

36. Stasher Food Storage Bags

Hikers can use a lot of plastic bags. You have a bag or two for trail snacks, a bag for trash, an emergency bag, and usually a couple of extras for good measure. This often feels wasteful, especially for someone who loves the outdoors and are more environmentally conscious because of their hobbies. 

That’s where the Stasher food storage bags come in. These are silicone bags that can be reused again and again, and can even be washed in the dishwasher between uses, making them super easy to use. Plus, although more expensive upfront, they do save money in the long run due to not needing to buy so many plastic bags. 

I love these and use them to store regular snacks on day hikes, and to store leftovers from meals while backpacking. So I know that they’ll make a great gift for anyone who loves being outdoors. 

woman in t-shirt in forest is looking up through binoculars. activities to do while backpacking

37. Monocular Telescope

If your hiking loved one is a birder, or general wildlife watcher then picking up a monocular telescope can be an excellent gift. These work similar to binoculars, except for the fact there’s only one eye hole. Now some may find this as a negative, but because it’s half the size it weight less, and that’s important for hikers who are having to carry their gear for miles. 

The cool part about this is that it’s set up to easily work with smart phones, so if you want to take that zoomed in picture of the perched bird, this is specifically designed to do that. So, it’s a great piece of tech perfect for the wildlife-watchers among us hikers. 

38. Lightweight, Portable Chair

No matter who you are, or how experienced you are, every hiker takes breaks when hiking. And although most people choose to sit on the dirt, or in the mud, having a chair can be an excellent luxury that is totally amazing to have on the trail. 

Now, you can’t just bring any type of foldable chair – you need one specifically designed to be carried long distances. So, it has to be lightweight and fold up into a small, easy-to-carry space. Because of this most portable chairs like this are tiny and that makes them uncomfortable. But with a little more cost, you can get a chair that has a higher back, making it a much better option for a gift.  

are hiking pants necessary for hiking? person hiking in hiking pants on dirt road

39. New Rain Jacket

Rain jackets are invaluable pieces of gear on the trail, and one that tend to take a beating. This is even more true if the go-to rain jacket for the trail is the same rain jacket used out of the every day world. 

Having a dedicated rain jacket for the trail is truly worth it, and by gifting her a rain jacket, she’ll be able to make this goal a reality. 

40. Snowshoes

For those who like to hike in winter, particularly in snowy areas, then having a pair of snowshoes can entirely change their hiking games. In fact, hiking in anything over 2-4 inches without snowshoes can be dangerous, so if your loved one loves hiking throughout the year, then a pair of snowshoes just might be the best gift for them this year. 

But if you are picking up snowshoes, then you also need to pick up some trekking poles too (and ones with snow caps – not just any poles), so I find it’s always best to get a kit containing the snowshoes and poles if you’ll be giving it as a gift. 

Hiking Gifts for Her Under $100

41. Bear Box

Previously in this gift guide, I highlighted Bear Spray, which is an essential piece of gear for any hiker to carry in bear country. But, if you’ll be staying overnight then bear spray isn’t the only thing needed – a bear box is too. 

Now, as this is a gift you’ll want to make sure to check in with your loved one to confirm they don’t have something like this already. But if they’re new to overnights and just getting started, I can guarantee that they’ll appreciate this gift. Most hikers know they should use one when doing overnights, but sometimes picking one up just doesn’t happen. A gift like this guarantees to keep them safe and is a thoughtful way to show them you care.  

42. National Parks Pass (American the Beautiful Pass)

Hiking may seem like an inexpensive hobby (and it can be), but if your loved one is often hiking in national parks, then the entrance fees for those parks can get quite expensive. 

That’s where this gift comes into play. The annual National Parks Pass (called the American the Beautiful Pass), gives the holder access to all national parks for an entire year. This pass comes in at $80, making it a great gift for anyone who loves to hike. 

43. State Park Pass

If national parks aren’t their thing (or you live in an area like the Northeast without a lot of them), then purchasing a state park pass may be a better gift. 

Now, I’m not positive all states offer park passes, and in some states the parks are free for residents (like Connecticut), but there are states out there (like New York) that do sell annual park passes for state and local parks. To find them all you need is a quick google search of the state + park pass and I’m positive they’ll come right up. 

But if a park pass like this is available, then it’s an excellent hiking gift for her that I’m positive she’ll use a lot and love having. 

legs from the knees down wearing hiking boots and laying in an orange hammock in the woods. Trees are in the background

44. Merino Wool Clothing

Merino wool is literally the holy grail of material for hiking clothes. It’s naturally antibiotic (so you don’t stink), wicks sweat incredibly well, keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and feels great on your skin. 

Most people wear these as base layers in the winter – but I love wearing the shirts as is for warmth in fall/sprint, and even an entire merino wool set for cool summer nights while camping (as pajamas). I’m positive that any hiker would love to have merino wool clothing, and it’s something she’d definitely appreciate this year. 

45. Leatherman Tool

Leatherman’s are incredibly useful pieces of gear while hiking. They are great emergency gear, and are even nice to have in a pinch for smaller things you may need on the trail (sometimes having a knife to open my snack is better than my hands). 

But, a lot of women don’t receive Leathermans as gifts. It’s unfortunate, but this is typically a gift males will receive. So if you pick her up one of these Leatherman tools, I know she’d be thrilled and would use it often on the trail. 

46. Outdoorsy Sandals

If you’re not really sure about picking up footwear as a gift, but think they’d love some new shoes then sandals are the way to go. Now, for outdoorsy people you aren’t going to want to pick up feap flip-flops. Instead, you’re going to want something a little more rugged that can withstand being on the trail. 

I have a few go-tos for this. Coming in first are Crocs.  Now, I know these aren’t everyone’s favorite shoes (primarily because of how they look), but let me tell you – Crocs are so durable and hold up perfectly in the woods, no matter the terrain. 

With that said, if you’re looking for something a little more attractive, then going with Tevas or Keens is going to be a better option. These have a lot of cute styles and can be worn in just everyday life as well as on the trail, making them an excellent gift. 

Splurge Worthy Hiking Gifts for Her

47. Food Dehydrator

Hikers, campers, and backpackers know the joy (and also the pain) of dehydrated food. It’s so lightweight, making it the preferred snack or meal on the trail, but if you aren’t dehydrating the food yourself – buying it prepared this way can be costly. You wouldn’t think that dehydrated food would be expensive, but if you’re needing a lot of it, then it definitely adds up quickly. 

This is why if you’re looking for a splurge worthy hiking gift for her, picking up a food dehydrator is an excellent choice for a gift. That way she can make her own food and recipes on the trail, without paying for overpriced meals that have a lot of additives in them she may not want to eat. 

48. Outdoors Skills Course

Is your hiking loved one looking to gain more skills? Whether it’s backcountry first aid, navigation, flora/fauna, or something else, adding more skills to their outdoor repertoire is probably something on their to do list.

So, what better gift than an outdoors skills course. If you’re not sure where to find one near you, a good starting place is REI who offers several around the country (and sometimes the world) each year. If none of those sound appealing, just google near your location. You can typically find an organization somewhere around you that offers skill building courses for the outdoors – you just have to look for them. 

49. Garmin In-Reach Navigator

Emergency preparedness is the backbone to hiking safely. Although many people believe this is just bringing a first aid kit, in fact staying safe on the trail is so much more than that. You see, having a way to contact someone for help when in a bind is an essential safety measure. But, being in the woods, where cell service is often spotty, makes that challenging. 

The Garmin In-Reach Navigator fixes that problem for us hikers. It works on satellite, so you can always reach someone in an emergency, no matter where you are. And, as it’s a navigator it allows you to be able to navigate without service (and be able to share you location with others easily). 

If your hiking loved one often goes into the remote wilderness, then picking up the Garmin In-Reach is definitely a hiking gift she’ll appreciate. 

50. Hiking Baby Carrier

Are you looking for a hiking gift for a mom? Then a good, quality hiking baby carrier may be just the thing she needs this year. These baby carriers aren’t your standard carrier – they’re specifically designed for the trail. This means that the weight is distributed to the hips, they’re designed to be worn for hours at a time, and have pockets and other features that hikers need. 

There are several types you can look for, but one of the more popular ones is the Osprey Poco Carrier. Hiking moms everywhere love this to get them and their kids on the trail. 

woman with bright red hard frame hiking baby carrier hiking on the ledge of a green mountain side with bright blue mountains in the distance

51. Hiking Poles

Hiking poles are a wonderful gift for anyone experiencing some aches and pains on the trail. You see, hiking can be hard on the knees, especially if you’re spending any length of time trekking downhill. 

Hiking poles help take that weight off your knees (or at least some of it), by transferring it to your hands while hiking. It’s important to get good quality hiking poles because they take a beating on the trail. I mean, they get hit on rocks, repetitively sustain a good portion of the hiker’s weight, and are exposed to the elements. So, you need a good quality pair of hiking poles when you hit the trail. 

A lot of newer hikers think they can get away without hiking poles – and they can in certain circumstances. If they’re only hiking flat trails, then they may not need them. But, if they’re doing any sort of up-and-down when hiking, picking them up a pair of hiking poles as a gift is an excellent way to help her out on the trail. 

52. GoPro Camera

Any adventurer would love to have a go pro camera, as they’re so rugged and can withstand pretty much anything you put them through. Plus, if your loved one enjoys documenting her trips, then there’s no better way to do that than through a GoPro camera

With the GoPro she’d be able to take amazing videos that show exactly what its like where she is. And if she’s doing some cool (and maybe intense) things, then that may not always be easy to do without a GoPro. I think this makes a great hiking gift for her that she can enjoy for years to come! 

53. Gaia GPS Annual Membership + Device

A lot of hikers prefer a Gaia GPS membership over that of an AllTrails. That’s because AllTrails is mainly known for it’s user-submitted trails, where as Gaia GPS is known for it’s map topography for you to make your own trails easily. 

So, if your hiking loved one prefer to blaze their own way and is traveling in more remote locations, then a Gaia GPS memberships is really the way to go. And if you want to make this a splurge worthy gift, pick up a fitness tracker with it so they can use all that tech has to offer on the trail. 

54. Weekend Trip Away

I think that quality time with the people you love can be the best gift you can offer/receive.  And if you have a hiking loved one, then planning a weekend trip away to a place with excellent hiking and outdoor adventures can be the perfect gift. 

I’d recommend finding a cabin, locate some cool hiking trails or other outdoor adventures, and take your loved one on a cool trip. It can be a romantic get away, a family vacation, or just a girls trip, but no matter what it is (or where it is), I’m sure that she’ll love it. 

woman standing on brown mountain top dress in blue jacket and carrying a red backpack and blue mat. women is hiking solo

Other Gifts at Any Price (aka Gift Card Recommendations)

55. REI Gift Card

I personally think you can never go wrong with gift cards. Now, I know gifts cards aren’t for everyone – but if you’re a gift card giver, then this entire section is for you.

The first gift card I’m recommending is for REI and I think it’s the best of the best of what you could give. You can get everything and anything at REI – so picking up one of these as a hiking gift for her will absolutely be appreciated and used for something she can bring on the trail. 

56. Amazon Gift Card

Now I know that Amazon isn’t specifically a hiking location (clearly, they have just about everything you could want). But, because they have everything, they definitely have a ton of hiking gear that your loved one could pick up for themselves. 

Now an Amazon gift card isn’t as personal as something like REI – but it will get the job done and make sure that they’ll get something they like and that they don’t overpay for it. 

57. LLBean Gift Card

So when most people think of LLBean, they think of the customized/embroidered backpacks we all carried around in the last 90s, early 2000s. But LLBean is so much more than bags – it’s a huge outdoors retailer offering most of what REI will offer, but I’d say the clothing at LLBean is slightly better than that at REI and typically comes with a better warranty. 

58. Patagonia Gift Card

Another outdoorsy retailer, Patagonia sells really high quality outdoor clothing. And most of their clothing is well designed and looks cute on (trust me, not all outdoorsy clothing has that type of style). So, if your outdoorsy loved one wants to look cute while hiking, then a Patagonia gift card may be the best for them. 

There you have it! 58 thoughtful hiking gifts for her – it’s such a long list I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find something in it that your hiking loved one will be able to use on the trail. But, if you are looking for some other recommendations you can check out our gifts for hiking moms, other hiking gifts for her, and our splurge worthy hiking gifts

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