Platypus water bottle while kayaking

Platypus Water Bottle – Lightweight and Flexible

Drinking enough water is essential for any outdoor adventure, which is why having the perfect water bottle is an absolutely necessary piece of gear for any activity. I’m not too much of an overpacker, but when it comes to water I definitely pack a lot. I always worry about running out of water on a trip, and so I really pack a too large amount of water (if that’s even possible) and thus I end up carrying a ton of water bottles with me. 

But, the bulky, heavy water bottles are not fun to tote around on a 5-mile hike or to load up in a kayak for an overnight trip. They take up considerable space, and when empty, they just sit there in the way of your other gear. Also, for some reason my empty water bottles always seem to find a way to fall out of my backpack or bag for no reason at all. 

Since I pack a ton of water, and don’t like the bulkier water bottles, one of my favorite things to have on a hike, kayaking trip, or really any adventure is the Platypus Water Bottle because it is lightweight, foldable, and it can stand on its own

Platypus water bottle while kayaking

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The Platypus Water Bottle is Lightweight

The Platypus Water Bottle is such a great bottle to use to carry your water anywhere. At only 0.85 ounces, its is so light when compared to other water bottles, I almost feel like I am carrying nothing when it’s empty. Because it’s so light, I end up only thinking about how much the water weighs, and not how much the water bottle weighs and this is a really important feature for me. 

I think that the lightness of the platypus soft water bottle is essential for any hike or adventure where you are carrying your equipment for an extended period of time (or really any period of time). No one wants to carry heavy plastic or glass water bottles around when they’re on the 3rd mile (or even first mile) of a hike – so the weight of this bottle is an essential feature that I think is incredibly useful for any outdoor adventurer. 

Beyond the weight, the design of this bottle is truly outstanding. It’s screw top lid doesn’t leak, which is truly a feat by itself as honestly, what other bottles can you name that don’t leak at all? I can’t think of many, and definitely not one that is this affordable and lightweight. 

Further, this bottle is usable with water filtration devices. So, if you do longer or overnight trips (or think that you may, one-day, do overnight trips), then it’s a great invesetment that can be used in a variety of ways for years to come.

The Platypus Water Bottle is Foldable

The importance of having a great water bottle becomes clearest when the bottle is empty. I am big on efficiency, and carrying around an empty water bottle while outside on a hike just doesn’t seem all that efficient. Plus, as I’ve said before, my empty water bottles somehow always like to ‘jump’ out of my bag for not reason at all, and then I’m always scrambling around in the dirt to grab it. Not exactly my idea of a good time outdoors. 

Platypus water bottle folded up

When empty, the Platypus Water Bottle condenses up into a tiny roll that can literally be stored anywhere in your pack. This bottle, when rolled up, is even small enough to fit in women’s pants pockets, and we all know how tiny those are. 

Seriously, as soon as this bottle is empty you can just roll it up and tie it up with a rubber band or other tie. Really anything you have on hand will work, and this bottle will stay tiny as you pack it in your bag. 

For me, this means no more water bottle mysteriously jumping from my pack when it’s empty. Instead, when I empty the bottle I fold it up and place it in my backpack pocket. This type of flexibility allows me to ensure I’m carrying enough water for my hikes or other trips, without taking up too much space. 

The Platypus Water Bottle is Sturdy

A lightweight and foldable water bottle sounds amazing right? Sure, but if this thing is floppy or hard to hold, and can’t stand on its own, then it’s not very useful for any adventurer on any type of outdoor activity. 

I know that I need to be able to set my water bottle down on a rock, or in my kayak and it’ll stand up by itself. No one wants to lay it down sideways in the dirt when not actively using it. And water bottles that don’t stand on their own are hard to transport in your car, or store in a backpack water bottle pocket. 

Standing platypus water bottle

The platypus water bottle stands on its own, and is pretty sturdy too, especially for its size and how it is made. You’d think a foldable water bottle may not be super sturdy – but it really passes all expectations. 

I’ve stood the platypus water bottle on my kitchen counter, in my backpack water bottle holder, on uneven rocks, in my car, and even in a moving kayak. In each of these cases this water bottle continued to stand without tipping over. 

Also, it has indentions on the side that make it more study and easier to hold – so all around, the designers of this bottle truly thought of everything a water bottle needs to be the perfect accessory to any hike or outdoor adventure. 

So, with all of that hopefully you can tell how much I love my platypus water bottle! If you’re an outdoorsy person then you definitely won’t regret picking this up as your go-to water bottle for the trail.

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