April 2022 Hiking recommendations - overlook at Harriman State Park

CT/NY Hiking Recommendations for April 2022

Spring is in full swing now and if you’re anything like me you’re itching to get outdoors every. single. day.  Even though I’m not lucky enough to be able to actually hike everyday – I do have some great Aprill 2022 hiking recommendations to get you outdoors whenever you can. 

Because the weather is warming up, I like to start exploring a bit farther away from my home and hit up 1-2 longer trails to get my feet a bit stronger for the upcoming longer summer hikes. 

With that in mind, for April 2022 I am recommending the following parks/trails: 

Mianus River Gorge (Bedford, NY) 

Ward Pound Ridge  (Pound Ridge, NY) 

Kent Falls State Park (Kent, CT) 

Harriman State Park (Sloatsburg, NY)

These encompass a variety of easy-to-medium trails to start building that endurance for the longer, harder trails to come. 

Bottom of Kent Falls in Kent Falls State Park

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Mianus River Gorge: Bedford, NY

Mianus River Gorge park has almost everything you’d want packed into an upper-easy level trail. There’s a beautiful water reservoir, a rock quarry, a waterfall, and an overlook. I mean, what else could you want?

Plus, the trail itself is stunning. Think of a a magical fairy land, filled with moss-covered rocks, and a babbling brook packed into a local hike. It’s surprising how beautiful it is packed into such a small location. 

The parking lot can be a bit difficult to find and is off a dirt road (so take a car that’s fine with the dirt road entrance). There also is no cell service as you approach or while you’re in the park, so be prepared.  Other than that, there are bathrooms, a few places to sit at the entrance, and a large parking lot for cars. 

Before heading to this park, check out my complete guide to the trails here so you can choose the best one for you.  

Ward Pound Ridge in Pound Ridge, NY

Ward Pound Ridge State Park is a massive park with several trails ranging from easy to hard. So, no matter your level you can find a trail here to meet your intensity requirements. 

On top of that, each trail will take you to something different. Several trails have their own unique overlooks, or other features like waterfalls and caves – so it can definitely be a create-your-own-adventure-journey in choosing to hike here. 

There is plenty of parking, but it is a $10 fee to park. There are a lot of separate parking lots spread throughout the park, meaning not every trail is accessible by every parking lot. This means you’ll need to plan which hike you’re taking so you know which parking lot to use. 

If you want to explore this park but aren’t sure where to start, check out my guide to hiking Ward Pound Ridge, which will list a parking lot, trail, and everything else you should know to hike here for the first time. 

Kent Falls State Park in Kent, CT

Kent Falls State Park is a Connecticut staple. The trails here aren’t long, but they are challenging in their own way as they’re all focused on climbing up to the top of the waterfall. 

The main falls trail involves a lot of stair climbing to the top, but has several spots to rest and peek at the falls if that seems daunting to you. You won’t have to climb all the stairs in one go. 

The other trails meander in the woods near the falls, and are wide, well-maintained, and fairly short. Additionally, there is a large field perfect for picnicking, throwing a ball around, or just relaxing. 

The parking lot will get full on  days with great weather, so you’ll want to be sure to get there early to get a spot. Despite that, it’s a great place to spend the day as a family to have some fun, hike together, and spend time next to a beautiful waterfall. 

Check out my guide to Kent Falls here.

Harriman State Park in Sloatsburg, NY

Harriman State Park is a massive park crossing over Orange and Rockland Counties in New York. There are hundreds of trails at this location: some long, short, easy, hard, and really everything in between.  

I’d recommend doing the Jackie Jones Mountain Hike in April. This is because it’s not too hard, allows you to see some great views, starts to build your endurance, and is just a great way to get outdoors. 

An exciting feature of this trail is the tower you can climb, which on a clear day can even give you views of New York City. But, I will warn you – this tower is NOT for those scared of heights. 

If you’re looking to hike at Harriman this April, check out my complete guide to the Jackie Jones Mountain trail. 

I hope you’ve found a hike in our CT/NY Hiking Recommendations for April 2022 that you’ll be hiking this month. Remember to check in with us again for May’s recommendations, or subscribe below to receive our monthly recommendations directly to your inbox! 

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