a rocky lined trail next to the river at dover stone church

CT/NY Hiking Recommendations for August 2022

With summer in full swing, and the heat index rising, I always looking for ways to beat the heat when I’m outdoors. That’s why for this month, I’m highlighting trails and parks near the water so you can pop in for a quick swim if it gets too hot on the trail. 

For August 2022, my hiking recommendations include: 

Dover Stone Church (Dover Plains, NY)

Indian Well State Park (Shelton, CT)

Sherwood Island State Park (Westport, CT)

Norwalk Islands (Norwalk, CT)

These parks have some great trails, beautiful views, and some cool water to take a swim. 

cave entrance set back for dover stone church

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Dover Stone Church in Dover Plains, NY

Dover Stone Church is one of my favorite smaller parks in this area, and if you’re hiking with kids then it’s an absolute must. You start the hike with a beautiful tree lined path leading straight to a fairy village. After the fairy village you cross a small bridge and can start the trail to the cave. 

The cave trail walks you alongside the small creek, where you can (if you desire) pop in for a bit to cool off. If you do plan to enter the water I’d recommend some water shoes and adult supervision. This is a moving creek, so if the water is too high or moving too fast then I’d sit this one out. But, if you happen to catch it on the right day it can be a great way to cool off. 

Once you make it to the end of the trail you’ll be inside a cave with a waterfall. Unless the water level is very low I don’t recommend swimming in or near this cave as the water can move quite fast. But, it’s a beautiful place to hike to and you get to see a waterfall! Very fun!

If you’re looking to visit, check out our guide to hiking Dover Stone Church

a rocky lined trail next to the river at dover stone church

Indian Well State Park in Shelton, CT

Indian Well State Park in Shelton is a great place to visit in the summer just because of all the things there is to do here. It’s a huge park with long, flat walking trails long the river. But, if you’re looking for something more challenging there are some easy to moderate hikes across the street from the main entrance. 

One of these trails even leads to a waterfall! Although you can’t swim at this waterfall, it’s a great and beautiful place to hang out for a bit. 

Don’t let the lack of swimming at the waterfall deter you. You can swim in Indian Well State Park, you just have to head over to their designated swimming area. There’s a small beach with an entrance into the Housatonic River, where you can take a dip in the water. 

Indian Well State Park Waterfall in Fairfield County

Sherwood Island State Park in Westport, CT

An August hiking recommendations list would be remiss without a mention of hiking at a beach. One of the things Connecticut is well known for is its abundance of State Parks that feature beaches, and many of these have great small trails exploring the Long Island Sound and surrounding beaches. 

Sherwood Island State Park is unique in that it’s on an island! Although the hiking trails are small, they have stunning views and even some chances to view wildlife. Since it’s an island, you get the feeling of being in a remote area. It can be crowded though, and August is probably one of the busier months, so if you want to go make sure to get there early, otherwise they will close the park to new visitors.

beach with beach grass at sherwood island state park: a hiking recommendation for august

Norwalk Islands in Norwalk, CT

Norwalk Islands is easy one of my favorite summer destinations in the entire state of Connecticut. However, I will preface that this isn’t that great of a hiking recommendation, as there aren’t really designated hiking trails to explore here. And, you can only reach this destination by boat or kayak. 

But, if you’r looking for a fun summer day (or weekend), kayaking or boating out to Norwalk Islands to explore should absolutely on your list. You can even camp out on these islands (with a reservation) making it a really amazing way to explore a part of the state that doesn’t get all that much attention. 

If you do want to hike, Sheffield Island has a few small walking trails. If you don’t have a boat or kayak (and don’t want to rent one), then there are ferries that will take you out to Sheffield Island to explore. It’s not quite the same experience of kayaking out through all the islands, but a cool place to visit nonetheless. 

If you are looking to visit Norwalk Islands check out my guide to kayak camping Shea Island. 

beach along the Long Island sound on Norwalk islands. great place for hiking in august

I hope you’ve found a hike in our CT/NY Hiking Recommendations for August 2022 that you’ll be hiking this month. Remember to check in with us again for our fall recommendations where we’ll  highlight the best place to visit for sights of fall foliage. Plus, you can always subscribe below to receive our monthly recommendations directly to your inbox! 

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