standing at the edge of the peoples state forest lookout

CT/NY Hiking Recommendations for June 2022

This month my hiking recommendations are all about the views. I love a good lookout and have traveled all around the state to find some of the best local viewpoints you can find. 

For July 2022, my hiking recommendations include: 

Bull Hill Full Loop (Hudson Highlands, NY) 

Talcott Mountain/Heublein Tower (Simsbury, CT) 

Peoples State Forest (Barkhamsted, CT) 

Devil’s Den (Weston, CT)

These trails have some great views of the area and are a great way to get out and explore this summer! 

standing at the edge of the peoples state forest lookout

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Bull Hill Full Loop in Hudson Highlands, NY

The only New York hike this month is found in Hudson Highlands NY. Now, there are a billion great viewpoints in this area of NY – but not all of them are accessible by beginner hikers due to some of the hikes being fairly challenging. 

However, the Bill Hill Full Loop (or the shorter Bill Hill Short Loop) are doable for newer hikers. Now, don’t get me wrong- this hike isn’t flat. It starts going uphill and you spend the first mile and a half or so trekking upwards. But, even with that it offers enough breaks and viewpoints along the trek up that most everyone can make it with enough patience and determination. 

Beyond the beautiful views of the Hudson River and Valley, you also get to hike near some old ruins at the end of the hike. These are fun to explore by anyone who loves local history. 

If you’re looking to visit Bill Hill Full Loop check out our guide

A view of bull hill and the bottom of the trail overlooking the Hudson River

Talcott Mountain and Huebelin Tower in Simsbury, CT

A year-around hiking favorite is the hike to Talcott Mountain and Hueblein Tower. There are several reasons this location is so popular including multiple trails for any-level hiker, beautiful views, and the historical exhibits to view on the climb up to the top of the tower.  

So, no matter why you want to visit the Heublein Tower you’re sure to have a great time. 

If you’re looking for a fairly short and easy hike to the tower, then you’ll want to use the main entrance as it’ll be around a mile to the tower. However, if you’re looking for more of a challenge then hiking the Metacomet trail from Reservoir 6 will be more your speed. Plus, this hike is waaaay less crowded than the main hike, so it’s a good way to beat the crowds (at least until you make it to the tower). 

The main downside to this hike is the crowds. This is probably one of the most popular hikes in the entire state, so if you’re looking for a remote, peaceful place to visit then, this probably isn’t the hike for you. 

Talcott mountain heublein tower

Peoples State Forest in Barkhamsted, CT

In my opinion, Peoples State Forest is not as well known as it should be. Avid hikers in Connecticut definitely know about People State Forest and the incredible hikes and views it offers. But, if you’re an occasional hiker, then this park is often overlooked. 

With that said, for the views you can get at this park it really isn’t all that crowded. And the views you do get are absolutely stunning, extending through at least two states (and on clear days potentially even 3). 

A big favorite trail at this park is the Peoples State Forest loop. It’s around 7.5-8 miles, but worth it to see all the sites this park has to offer. But, if that mileage seems too much for you, there are easy ways to cut that short and still get a view or two in without being out all day. 

overlook at Peoples State Forest

Devil’s Den in Weston, CT

Devils Den is the park to explore if you have young children, or are looking for flatter options than any of the other hikes recommended in this guide. 

In Devil’s Den preserve there are a few hikes with some small elevation gains, but mainly this nature preserve is flat with beautiful views and hikes around the Godfrey Pond. I mainly recommend this one for children, especially for people with younger children, as there are a lot of great areas to get out and let them run around. Plus, you’re almost certain to see other families out and about hiking this park.

If you do want to get a bit of flat hiking combined with some small elevation and views you’ll want to take this trail, which gives you a quick peek of the area from the Great Ledge lookout. 

Keep in mind as this is a nature preserve, no dogs are allowed, so leave your furry friends at home. 

Godfrey pond at devils den preserve

I hope you’ve found a hike in our CT/NY Hiking Recommendations for July 2022 that you’ll be hiking this month. Remember to check in with us again for August’s recommendations, or subscribe below to receive our monthly recommendations directly to your inbox! 

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