Babcock Nature Preserve Hiking in Greenwich, CT

CT/NY Hiking Recommendations for March 2022

As spring is just now emerging from a cold and snowy winter, many people are looking to stretch their legs and get outdoors again. Especially on those uncharacteristically warm days we get sporadically throughout March.  

Generally, in March I like to recommend smaller, easier trails to get people moving again before talking some of the harder trails in summer/fall months. We all have to build up our hiking legs again. 

With that in mind, for March 2022 I am recommending the following parks/trails: 

Mianus River Park (Stamford or Greenwich, CT) 

Toby’s Rock Loop in Nagautuck State Forest (Beacon Falls, CT) 

Babcock Preserve (Greenwich, CT) 

Any Local Neighborhood park (examples and locations listed below)

Each of these options will have easy options to break in those boots again, while getting you out into nature when it just begins to warm. 

larger waterfall at Naugatuck state forest

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Mianus River Park: Stamford, or Greenwich, CT

Mianus River Park is a fantastic intro-to-hiking again park after a cold winter. It has an easy walk along the river, but you can also get some small elevation if you hike some of the inner trails heading away from the river. 

The trails are incredibly well marked, with maps spread sporadically throughout the trails so you’ll always find your way.

There is a Stamford parking lot, and a Greenwich parking lot – both get filled QUICKLY. And you will get a ticket parking outside of the lot. So, if you are going to hike this park then you’ll want to plan to arrive at off-peak times.  

Before heading to this park, check out my complete guide so you know what to expect. 

Toby’s Rock Loop in Naugatuck State Forest – Beacon Falls, CT

Toby’s Rock Loop in Naugatuck State Forest is probably the most medium-level trail in this list. If you haven’t ever hiked before, I wouldn’t choose this one first. But, if you’re used to hiking and just took a winter break, then this is a great trail to build back those hiking legs before summer. 

This is a beautiful loop that follows a river to several waterfalls, has an option to hike to the top of Toby’s Rock, and has a stunning overview of Route 8 and the Mountains around it. You’ll get some chances for elevation, and some all-fours sections, but it is truly an easy/medium hike. 

If you want to explore this loop check out my guide to the trail, parking, bathrooms, and everything you need to head out. 

Hiking in stamford: Mianus River at Mianus River Park

Babcock Preserve in Greenwich Connecticut

Babcock Preserve is honestly a hidden gem of a park in Greenwich. It isn’t far away from the main city at all, but feels incredibly remote. It also isn’t a popular trail (most people are at Mianus), so you wont really experience crowds here. 

The trails are all easy, and there are multiple routes to choose from so you can choose your perfect length. 

The downside to this park is that it can be muddy, but the park has done its best to create route arounds. I wouldn’t let this deter you though, it’s a great place to get out and hike – you may just want to wear some good shoes that can handle some mud. 

Check out my guide to Babcock Preserve here.

Local Neighborhood Parks

Connecticut and New York have so many hidden gems of parks spread throughout side roads and neighborhoods that are great places to get your hiking boots broken in before the summer season starts. 

Generally, these parks have trails that are easy to navigate, but they don’t have trails that have long distances. But, for just getting started hiking again they’re great jumping off points to explore. 

My recommendation for finding these is to just google for smaller hiking trails near you. This will typically bring up a list of nature preserves or smaller parks for you to explore. I’ve highlighted a few near Stamford, or New Haven to help get you started. But, there are other’s listed below:  


New York:

  • Otter Creek Preserve
  • Reeds Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Cranberry Lake Preserve
  • Leatherstrocking Trail
  • Ridgeway Nature Trail

I hope you’ve found a hike in our CT/NY Hiking Recommendations for March 2022 that you’ll be undertaking this month. Remember to check in with us again for April’s recommendations, or subscribe below to receive our monthly recommendations directly to your inbox! 

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