17 Best Gifts for kayakers

17 Best Gifts for Kayakers

Not sure what to get your kayaking loved one this year? It’s understandable – kayaking and paddling are niche activities, requiring their own set of special gear and if you aren’t a paddler you may not be sure what to buy. 

Don’t worry! This list of 17 best gifts for kayakers will surely contain something for every paddler on your list this year. Check out the list below!

17 Best Gifts for Kayakers

17 Best gifts for kayakers

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1. Water Shoes

Kayakers love a good pair of water shoes. There are so many flimsy water shoes available, that sometimes it can be difficult to find the right pair. Sometimes reviews aren’t made from kayakers – who have a totally different set of needs when it comes to water shoes, so finding a good pair for kayakers can be a bit of a challenge. 

This is because water shoes for kayakers need to be sturdy and lightweight. They have to have a strong bottom that can withstand any condition that they’ll find themselves in, and also not weigh themselves or the boat down. 

Personally, I love these water shoes. They’re lightweight, stylish, and have a very sturdy bottom allowing you to walk in whatever environment necessary. 

Grab water shoes for women here, or for men here. 

2. Dry Bags

Being anywhere near water requires some extra gear to make sure your other stuff doesn’t get soaked. Paddlers know all about dry bags – and having a great one is essential for keeping all of your gear dry while paddling. 

Dry bags should work – meaning they keep stuff dry, but they should also be sturdy, roomy, and fold up easily. These dry bags completely hit the spot and are one of the best gifts for kayakers out there. 

Grab some dry bags here. 

3. Kayak Safety Name Label

One thing many new kayakers often overlook is the need for a kayak label. This label allows them to write their contact information in case something happens and their kayak gets separated from them. 

Now, you may think – when could that ever happen? Well, there are a few different reasons – some fairly dangerous. Say you flip and your kayak is lost downstream in the water. If someone finds the kayak you’ll not only want them to alert that there may be someone lost on the water – but also return the kayak to you if you’re safe. 

And, its easier to separate from your yak than you may realize – sometimes even just a short jaunt on land can result in losing your boat – and no one wants that. 

An affordable safety label is the perfect gift for kayakers to make sure they’re kept safe and never parted from their yak for too long. 

Grab a kayak safety name label here

4. Hammock

What better way to really enjoy the water than parking up in some remote location and relaxing with a hammock?? 

Seriously, some of my best naps have been after a few hour paddle and setting up a hammock under some trees near the shoreline with the breeze blowing lightly. A perfect day if you ask me!

This is why a hammock is a perfect gift for kayakers – it’s lightweight, dries easily, and can be used on any kayaking adventure. 

Grab a hammock here

5. Write in the Rain Notebook

Whether or not it’s raining – paper isn’t always the most durable material to take with you kayaking. Even with the best dry bag – I think it’s safe to say that paper notebooks aren’t going to last long on a yak. 

So, this is where the write in the rain notebook comes in! It’s great for writing in any weather – meaning it’s great for writing on the water as well. 

So if your kayaking loved one enjoys journaling or taking notes while out on their yak – this write in the rain notebook may be one of the best kayaking gifts for them! 

Grab a write in the rain notebook here. 

17 best gifts for kayakers

6. First Aid Kit

No matter what outdoorsy activity they’re doing – safety must always come first. A first aid kit is an essential piece of gear for every paddler – as you never know what will happen while out on the water, and it’s important to be prepared. 

This first aid kit compact, lightweight, and waterproof – making it the perfect paddler’s kit. It also contains some survival gear things – like a wire saw and fire starter. Your paddler definitely won’t be disappointment with receiving a great new first aid kit this year. 

Grab the first aid kit here. 

7. Ultralight Power Bank

Paddlers – like most outdoorsy people – love their tech. It’s so useful for navigation, tracking trip statistics, and even for photos!

But, we all know battery life doesn’t always keep up with a full day of use. The last thing any kayaker wants is for their phone to die while on the water. Not only is it inconvenient, but it can be dangerous if you’re using your phone for navigation purposes. 

An ultralight power bank that can be carried in a dry bag is a great option for anyone with tech on the water. When your devices get low, just plug them in and get a full charge for the rest of your time on the water. 

Get the ultralight power bank here. 

8. Inflatable Kayak

If you have someone new to paddling – or someone who is outdoorsy but maybe hasn’t tried kayaking, an inflatable kayak is an incredible gift. 

An inflatable kayak doesn’t require lots of storage space and isn’t bulky or heavy to transport to the water. Although they sometimes get a bad rep as people think they’re flimsy – they really aren’t. Inflatable kayaks are definitely a great intro option for anyone getting out on the water for the first time – or for kayakers needing a space efficient way to transport or store their yak. 

Seriously – you’ll win a best gift ever award if you pick up one of these inflatable kayaks for your loved one! 

9. Kayak Anchor

A kayak anchor is exactly what it sounds like – a small actor you can use to keep your kayak in place while out on the water. 

Kayak anchors are essential for anyone wanting to fish on a kayak – but they’re also luxuries for any kayaker or paddler. This is because if you ever stop to rest while kayaking – you’ll find yourself quite a ways away within a very short amount of time. 

Whether it’s tides, current, wind – you name it – the water never likes to let kayakers stay just in one place. So a kayak anchor is there to help keep you in place making it one of the best gifts for kayakers. 

Grab a kayak anchor here. 

17 best gifts for kayakers

10. Aquabound Paddle

A good paddle is essential for any kayaker. So, while this gift is definitely one of the pricier items in this list – it’s definitely something your kayaking loved one would be thrilled to receive. 

Aquabound paddles are fantastic for beginner to intermediate level paddlers. They’re versatile and great for a variety of water conditions. I love my aquabound paddle and can really tell the difference a good paddle makes on the water. 

Trust me – no paddler will ever be disappointed by receiving  a new aqua bound paddle – so grab one here and be crowned the best-gift-giver-ever this year. 

11. Paddle Leash

A paddle leash is an essential gear item for any paddler – as no one wants to be on their yak and watch their paddle drift on down the river. 

A paddle leash attaches the paddle to the vessel to make sure that no matter what happens your paddle will always be reachable. And you’d be surprised at what can happen – even just a slip of the hand sometimes can cause you to lose your paddle, so a paddle leash is one of the best gifts for kayakers available. 

Grab a paddle leash here

12. Outdoorsy Pants

Paddlers are always looking for comfy, quick-dry, outfits to wear on the water. For casual paddles in warmer climates or weather – a casual, quick outfit can be perfect for any kayaking adventure. 

These pants, in my opinion are incredible pants for any outdoorsy adventure. I wear them for hiking, backpacking, and paddling all the time. They’re my constant go-to attire. 

They’re lightweight, dry quickly, keep you cool, and come in several different colors so you can choose whatever style fits best. I highly recommend these pants, and feel any kayaker would love to receive them. 

Grab these outdoorsy pants here. 

13. Beeswax Food Wraps

Outdoorsy people are always looking for ways to be more eco-friendly. We appreciate nature and natural resources as they are what allow us to have the adventures we love so much.

So, we like to make sure we’re doing our part to keep our environment going strong. With that said, anytime there are opportunities to decrease waste – we jump on them.

So, these beeswax food wraps are one of the best gifts for kayakers because they eliminate waste, keep your food safe and dry, and are reusable.

Also, they can be rinsed off and reused easily, and are extremely lightweight. 

Your kayaking loved one would absolutely love to receive these as a gift this year. 

Grab beeswax food wraps here. 

17 best gifts for kayakers

14. Neoprene Socks

Neoprene socks are every kayakers dream – especially if they like to kayak in colder or more extreme weather. The fully waterproof socks will keep your feet warm in some pretty chilly water conditions. 

As you can imagine staying warm while kayaking in cold water can be somewhat challenging. Kayakers are always looking for ways to maintain their body temperature while still enjoying the water in winter. 

Dry suits and wet suits can help – but not all of them are great at keeping the feet dry and toasty. Neoprene socks will definitely help with that task and for that reason they are one of the best gifts for kayakers. 

Grab neoprene socks here. 

15. Sawyer Squeeze

The Sawyer Squeeze is the royalty of the outdoorsy world. It’s an attachable water filter – allowing a very lightweight, portable way to filter water anywhere you go. 

I always carry it as a part of my emergency kit no matter what I’m doing, and kayaking is no exception. While paddling you never know what can happen – and having ways to filter water can be not only convenient but also life saving. 

So grab a Sawyer Squeeze here and get your kayaker something they’ll love to have this year. 

16. Pee Cloth

Now this gift might get a bit personal – but trust me, if you’re a woman who spends anytime outdoors you’ll appreciate a pee cloth. 

Theres nothing worse than spending all day on the water and worrying about how you’ll go to the bathroom while abiding by leave no trace principles. Carrying in/out dirty toilet paper doesn’t sound too exiting for anyone I know. 

A antimicrobial pee cloth is the PERFECT accessory for any outdoorsy woman. It air dries, has antimicrobial properties, and snaps onto the outside of a pack.

Seriously, any female paddler will absolutely appreciate a pee cloth for their next adventure. 

Get an antimicrobial pee cloth here. 

17. Headlamp

When you’re on a multi-day adventure then you’re going to have to determine how you’re going to navigate the dark.

A headlamp is essential for these adventures and luckily is a very affordable gift for your outdoorsy loved one. 

This headlamp is great because it’s bright, lightweight, has three lighting settings and lasts for over 100 hours. And it comes with a 5-year guarantee, which is great for an item that will get some heavy use in harsh conditions. 

So, grab this headlamp to give one of the best gifts for kayakers this year!

Hopefully you’ve found this guide helpful as I truly believe  your loved ones are sure to appreciate one of these best gifts for kayaking! I know I would! 

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