20 Mother's Day Gifts for Hiking Moms

Hiking Moms: 20 Mother’s Day Gifts [2022]

Mother’s Day is here again and you’ve likely made it to this page in hopes of finding the perfect gift for your outdoorsy mom who loves to hike. I mean, who needs another “world’s best mom” coffee mug anyways? Get her something that she’ll really appreciate instead. 

Luckily hiking moms are incredibly easy to shop for, as there’s always some piece of gear that they need to replace, have a second set of, or is a bit splurgy so they haven’t invested in it themselves yet. I personally would love anything on this list (even if I already have it), and I’m sure that your mom will too. 

Let’s look at my top 20 Mother’s Day gifts for hiking moms and get her something that she’ll love and use this year. 

20 Mother's Day Gifts for Hiking Moms

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Hiking Mother’s Day Gifts Under $25

1. Darn Tough Socks

I know that socks seems like a bit of a boring gift, but these are #1 on my list for a reason. These are the absolute best socks you can get for a hiker. I’ve worn these socks for years and over hundreds of miles, and they still look as good as they did the day I bought them! 

If your mom likes to hike then it’s likely that she puts her feet through a lot. A good pair of socks like Darn Tough provides can protect her feet from blisters, rubbing, and pain. So you’ll get all of that  plus a life-time guarantee (yes, life time). So, these may be the last pair of socks your mom will ever need again for hiking! 

Now, isn’t that worth it? You can grab a pair of Women’s Darn Tough socks here

2. Outdoorsy Book

Inspiration and peace is what a lot of outdoorsy people seek when they step into nature. It’s that craving that keeps us going back over and over again despite weather, blisters, and difficulty. 

But, knowing you’re not alone in this experience can be a real comfort, and there are several great outdoorsy books to expose your mom to people just like her: women having transformative experiences in the woods. 

Some of the best ones include: 

  • Two Far in the North: A book about the “grandmother of conservation” who always took her babies hiking and whose efforts led to the Wilderness Conservation Act. 
  • Thru Hiking will Break Your HeartA journey of one woman’s trek on the Pacific Crest Trail to escape from screens and walk the 2,660 miles to Canada
  • Grandma Gatewood’s Walk: The inspiring story of Emma Gatewood who was the first woman to hike the Appalachian Trail solo. Carrying only a change of clothes she escaped an abusive marriage into the woods, and hiked many cross-country trails promoting their maintenance and conservation along her way. 

Out of these, Grandma Gatewood’s Walk is my absolutely favorite. She was truly an inspirational woman and I think all women, and especially outdoorsy women, would benefit from this book. 

3. New Waterbottle

Now, waterbottles can be a really personal choice. And if you asked 100 people what they thought the best water bottle is, you’d probably get 100 different answers. 

But, I do want to highlight the Platypus water bottle as a particularly excellent bottle for hiking moms. The platypus water bottle is specifically designed for outdoor adventures (it’s not your every day, carry around town bottle). 

It has features like: 

  • Being incredibly lightweight (0.8 oz for 1L bottle) 
  • Roll-up design, so when it’s emptied it can roll up to save space when storing or hiking
  • Threaded top, which allows it to directly connect with water purification tools like the sawyer squeeze
  • BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and BPS-free

I take this bottle on every hike I take and even bring it with me on kayaking trips as well. It’s so lightweight and I never have to worry about it getting damaged or dirty as it’s meant to take a beating. Anyone who I know that uses it has never gone back to anything else, so I know it’s a gift your hiking mom would appreciate it. 

4. Pee Cloth

Now, this is a very personal gift – but since you are getting it for your mom, you likely won’t be crossing any strange social lines here. But a pee-cloth is truly a transformational gift for anyone who loves to hike. 

Hikers know that bathrooms can be few and far between on the trails. But, nature is always calling and even when there’s no bathroom around you may just really need to go.

At this point, women hikers have two options. Either they can drip dry (and we all know how fun that is) or pack in toilet paper to use and then pack out the used toilet paper (gross). 

The pee cloth is a replacement and better option for toilet paper because it’s a reusable, anti-microbial, cloth you attach onto the outside of your pack while hiking. After using it to wipe, you can snap together the used side so no moistness ever touches you or your pack while hiking. It then dries quickly and can be reused multiple times before ever needing to wash. 

But, when you are ready to clean it you can just throw it in the washing machine! It’s so convenient. 

If your hiking mom doesn’t have a pee cloth, I’d recommend picking one up for her. She’ll definitely use it and love it on the trail. 

5. BUFF Headware

A BUFF is a seriously versatile piece of cloth for it’s size. Essentially, it was created as headgear, but it really can be worn so many different ways I think that’s really under selling it. 

A BUFF will help hiking moms: 

  • Keep their head/neck sunburn free
  • Tie their hair back
  • Help them wick sweat to stay cool
  • Protect from bug bites around head/neck 
  • Act as a face mask
  • Look cool (seriously, there are so many different designs!) 

BUFFs are a great hiking accessory for any mom, and she’ll be sure to appreciate it when on the trail. 

6. Clean Her Gear

If your Mother’s Day gift is more about actions than material items then a really great option is to offer to clean her hiking gear. 

Hiking gear, and especially hiking boots can get incredibly dirty. You’re supposed to clean them after every hike – but who really does that? No one. And caked mud or dirt on hiking boots or shoes can limit their durability and lower their lifespan. 

Now, cleaning hiking boots or other gear isn’t always easy or fast. You’ll have to put some elbow grease into it. But, it’s definitely an action that she’ll very much appreciate the next time she goes to grab her boots/gear. 

If you aren’t sure how to clean hiking gear, it’s fairly easy. Just use gentle soap (think Dr. Bronners) and water, or specialty gear cleaner, and scrub gently with a brush or toothbrush until the dirt is removed. You’ll also want to let the gear air dry after cleaning. 

grandmother with arm around child hiking in a woods with three children up ahead on the trail

Hiking Mother’s Day Gifts Under $60

7. AeroPress Hiking Cold Brew

If your mom loves coffee and hiking, then this portable travel Aeropress may be the perfect gift for her. A common way to celebrate a long hike, or a rough summit climb is to have a celebratory drink after reaching your goal. 

Now, most people choose to bring alcohol, but if your mom loves coffee, she may want to have a nice brewed cup instead. This cold brew aeropress is super light weight, and allows your mom to make her favorite cup while out hiking. 

So, if your mom would be thrilled by the idea of having a cup of coffee after (or during) a challenging hike, you can pick up the portable AeroPress here

8. Hammock

If your mom is a work hard, play hard, and rest hard type of person then you may want to pick up a hammock for her. Lightweight hammocks that can be easily packed in a backpack are perfect for hiking trips. 

I mean, what’s better than after a long hike to a summit, waterfall, or other beautiful view, than a hammock? You get to throw your feet up and rest while being in the middle of nature and taking in the beauty around you. 

If your mom is one who likes to really sit still and rest in nature, then a Wise Owl hammock may be a great gift for her.  

9. Portable Camp Chair

Hiking easily turns into camping, and if so then having a place to sit that isn’t the ground is much appreciated. And, even if your not camping, long stays a summits or near waterfalls are always more enjoyable if you can get off your feet without needing to find the perfect rock to sit on. 

This is where having a portable camp chair is wonderful. It’s very lightweight (usually around 2 pounds), meaning it’s easily carried in a backpack whenever you’re hiking. And, when you finally make it to whoever you’re hiking, it’s wonderful to be able to pull out and truly get that rest you in a comfortable chair. 

If you have a bad back, knees, or just don’t enjoy sitting on rocks/dirt then it makes it even better. 

Grab a portable camp chair for your mom here. 

10. Bear Spray

Are you worried about your moms safety while hiking? Concerns about wildlife or other humans while hiking are a true concern, and one that your mom should be prepared for should she ever find herself in a scary situation. 

I always recommend that hikers always carry bear spray. Clearly this is a necessity if hiking in bear country, but even if your mom is hiking outside of bear country bear spray is a must. 

This is because bear spray doesn’t only work on bears – it’ll work on big cats (like mountain lions, or bobcats) or  on humans. I see it as an all-around safety spray keeping your mom safe no matter the circumstance. 

You can grab the Counter Assault Bear Spray here

mom in jeans and brown jacket holding a baby dresses in red at the bottom on a large tree in a forest. Hiking mom

Hiking Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100

11. New Backpack

A backpack is the top piece of essential gear for hikers. And, this is true whether you’re a day hiker, or a multi-day thru-hiker – in both cases you need the right backpack for your trip. 

But, backpacks also get some of the most wear-and-tear of any gear. They’re thrown around, rubbed against rocks, accidentally sat down in mud, and are generally just treated roughly by the nature of the hike. 

So, a good quality, new backpack is a great gift for any mom hiker. But, the pack you get will depend a lot on what they use it for. 

A short day hike needs a quality day pack, with lots of pockets, some support, and a water bladder. Whereas a longer thru-hike needs a backpacking pack with a supportive structure, rain gear, and also lots of pockets to store gear (pockets are a universal need despite the pack size). 

If you aren’t sure which to get, check our your mom’s current hiking backpack. Getting something similar, or the upgrade to her current pack is a great way to start. 

12. Annual Park Pass

Traveling around to new parks can be expensive. Entrance fees, parking fees, and even cost for gas to get their can quickly turn a relatively inexpensive hobby into something a bit more costly. 

But, there are some great annual park pass programs that make excellent gifts to provide your hiking mom with free entrance into national parks, state parks, or even local parks. 

The National America the Beautiful Park Pass allow you into national parks and federal lands. But, most states offer a similar one for state parks (like this one from New York). And sometimes even local cities offer park passes to limit cost. 

Plus, if your mom is a senior, then she’ll qualify for the senior discount, decreasing the cost signifigantly. No matter what, getting your mom a park pass to her favorite parks, or the parks on her bucket-list will be extremely appreciated. 

13. Adventure Sandal

Sandals are a common Mother’s Day gift, but hiking moms are usually looking for footwear a bit more durable than your average casual sandal. 

Hiking moms need something durable, that can withstand dirt, rocks, mud, and river crossings. It needs to not cause blisters and be comfortable for all day wear over miles of hiking. They also need to be great for water, and these sandals will be used in rivers, streams, lakes, and maybe even oceans. 

So, what type of adventure sandal fits this bill? There are a few depending on your needs and your moms style: 

  • My go-to are Crocs – but not everyone digs their style. However, they’re pretty much indestructible, so if your mom will be traversing some diverse, harsher terrains you really can’t find something better. 
  • Keens are also amazing, and wrap around the entire foot to provide protection and support. 
  • Teva sandals are supportive, but also have a more modern and cute look without compromising durability and functionality.

Choose whichever one fits your moms look, style, and needs while on the trail and she’ll be happy to have a new pair of sandals for her outdoor adventures. 

14. Outdoors Skills Course

Does your hiking mom love to learn something new? Then sign her up for a course that teachers her some new outdoorsy skills. 

Whether it’s wilderness survival, intro to kayaking, map and compass navigation, or something else – an outdoors skills course will build her skills and allow her to explore something new in the outdoors that she may have never thought of before. 

REI offers several of these outdoorsy courses around the country and world each year. But, if you don’t find one near you check our a local adventure gear store. They typically offer classes at a park near them and may be a great way for your mom to not only gain some skills but also meet some people who share the same love of the outdoors. 

15. Merino Wool Clothing

If you find that your mom is still hiking in jeans, leggings, or just whatever t-shirt she has lying around the house, then it may be time to upgrade her hiking wardrobe. 

Now this can go in a lot of different ways as there is an abundance of hiking clothing to choose from. But my go-to recommendation is merino wool, because you really can’t go wrong with this fabric. 

Merino wool is an all-weather fabric that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. It wicks sweat incredibly well, keeping you dry no matter the temperature. Plus, it fits incredibly well and is stylish while out on the trail. 

If you aren’t sure what type of clothing your hiking mom will like – I guarantee she’ll appreciate merino wool as it’s truly the perfect clothing for hiking. 

You can pick up a merino wool top here, or bottoms here. 

mom and son walking on a board walk in a field

Splurge Worthy Hiking Mother’s Day Gifts

16. Hiking Baby Carrier

Looking for a mother’s day gift for a newer mom who loves to hike? Picking up a hiking baby carrier that allows her to continue to hike even with a baby or toddler is an excellent gift. 

Having kids does NOT have to stop what she loves to do, and picking up this very useful piece of gear can help her continue to escape into the woods while providing her baby or toddler a comfortable and safe place to be while she hikes. 

There are multiple types, including soft carriers and hard carriers and each are good for different purposes and child sizes. But, whichever you decide to gift, any hiking mom will appreciate the thoughtful gesture to help her continue to do what she loves. 

17. Fitness Tracker

Everyone seems to have a fitness tracker, but if your mom hasn’t picked one up yet I’d highly recommend grabbing one for her for Mother’s Day. 

Fitness trackers, like watches, allow you to track mileage, elevation, and heart rate while hiking. I personally love my apple watch for this purpose as it allows me to really understand my hike and hiking statistics so I can continue to improve. 

But, if your mom isn’t into apple products, Garmin makes some amazing smartwatches and fitness trackers designed for outdoor activities like hiking. These allow for internal navigation and are great if your mom often travels in more remote areas. 

18. Garmin In-Reach Mini Navigator

Beyond the navigation abilities in a smartwatch, fitness tracker, or smart phone avid hikers will want to carry an remove navigation device. If your mom loves traveling to remote areas, and you’re often a bit worried on how she’ll contact you in those situations, then grabbing a remote navigator is entirely worth it. 

The In-Reach Garmin Mini is a lightweight option that allows for communication and navigation support even in areas without cell service. It does require a monthly subscription, but it’s a reasonable price and provides everyone peace of mind when mom hikes off into the wilderness, due to it’s SOS communication abilities. 

If you want to ensure your mom is completely safe and can be contacted no matter the area or the circumstance, then the Garmin In-Reach Mini is definitely the gift for her. 

19. Weekend Trip Away

There is nothing a mom loves more than time with her family and children. If your mom loves to hike, then booking a trip away to an area with nearby hiking trails for the family may be the best gift of all. 

You can always use AirBnB to find locations near national, state, or local parks. But if you’re looking for something more unique, or even more remote then other websites may have better options. 

These include using your state DEEP site to look at the cabins your state offers in State Parks near you. Other sites, like these offer tiny homes in remote areas in specific areas in the country.  If you search around you can find some great, remote, locations perfect for the family and near the hiking trails your mom loves. 

20. GoPro Camera

If your mom is still taking photos of her trips on a flip phone (or any smartphone first created 5+ years ago), giving her an upgrade may be great for her and for you. I mean, those flip-phone photos are grainy and hard to see – wouldn’t you rather look at photos/videos taken from a GoPro instead? I know I would. 

Plus, a GoPro is extremely lightweight and can travel with your mom no matter where she goes. The durability and size of a GoPro clearly make it great for any outdoor adventure. 

So, if your mom has that then she’ll be able to take much crisper videos and images of all the cool places she goes so she can more easily share them with you and the entire family. 

I hope you’ve found this Mother’s Day gift guide for hiking moms useful and are able to choose something that she’ll absolutely love.  

If you need further suggestions for gifts, check out any of the gift guides below! 

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