10 local gifts for New England Hikers

10 Local Gifts for the New England Hiker (2021 Gift Guide)

We all want to get that special gift they’ll love – and grabbing your outdoorsy New England loved one a local gift will be surely be a hit this year.

Local gifts are great because they allow you to support your local community and, for outdoorsy people, get to know the area you live in a little bit better!

This guide will highlight both things that are made in New England OR some useful guides to help you explore and celebrate New England. All of these will be perfect for your outdoorsy New England loved one this year. 

So, check out the list of 10 local gifts for the New England Hiker below! 

10 Local Gifts for the New England Hiker (2021 Gift Guide)

Local Gifts for New England Hiker

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1. Local Hiking Guides

If you feel like your hiking loved one already has all the gear they need – then maybe something to increase their knowledge would be a more beneficial gift. 

Get them a local hiking guide – highlighting local trails and activities. Usually these guides not only give you the location – but they’ll also tell you what to expect on the trail, including distance, elevation, and terrain. And if there is any history about the trail or the land the guides will usually highlight that as well. 

So, get your loved one the gift of knowledge and grab a local hiking guide as a gift! 

Get a local hiking guide here for New England trails here.

2. State Park Checklist

It’s always great to keep a checklist of where you’ve been and where you want to go. Not only is it motivating to check new places off – but it can also be a great way to remember your past trips. 

But, let’s go beyond just a handwritten checklist on some notebook paper. There are so many beautiful checklists that can be easily displayed in their home. 

This State Parks of Connecticut checklist is a beautiful list of the skateparks allowing your loved one to keep track of where they’ve been in a way where everyone can see! 

Get the CT State Parks Checklist here (and if CT isn’t your state – this seller has other states available as well!) 

3. Darn Tough Socks – Women’s

Darn Tough socks are amazing. Seriously. Any hikers or outdoorsy person knows about Darn Tough socks – and they’re definitely going to appreciate receiving these as a gift. 

But, what you may not know is that Darn Tough socks are local to New England – Vermont to be exact! 

So, not only can you get merino wool socks that are perfect for a hike of any distance, you can also shop local and support a local business creating excellent outdoor wear for all outdoorsy adventures. 

Get Darn Tough Socks for women here. 

4. Darn Tough Socks – Men’s

Although I haven’t even worn the Men’s version of Darn Tough socks – I’m sure they are every bit as exceptional as their Women’s socks. 

Plus – men want to shop local and support local New England shops too! So, get them the Vermont-made Darn Tough Sock this year for something that they’ll love, will last, and is local! 

Their durability, merino wool composition, and lifetime guarantee make them the perfect outdoorsy gift.

Grab Darn Tough Socks for men here. 

5. Outdoors Skills Classes

The best local gift is one that can teach them something about their area!  Instead of getting your outdoorsy loved one an item this year – give them an experience! 

Outdoorsy people love to learn new skills that allow them to explore the outdoors in different ways. Maybe a class on winter backpacking? Or one on survival skills? Or have them explore some paddling classes to get them on the water? Outdoor skills classes are always a hit.

There are usually some taught locally at REIs, or at local outdoors clubs. But if you’re looking for some recommendations – check out the outdoors classes here.

Local gifts for New England Hiker

6. AMC Membership

The AMC membership is a little less well known that the National Parks Membership. But if you’re looking for a gift for a New England hiker or backpacker – then the AMC membership may end up being more useful for them. 

There are too many national parks in the northeast – but an Appalachian Mountain Club membership gives you discounts at cabins/lodges, access to local trips with local members, discounts on gear and local guides, and you receive local magazines. So, this can be a lot more useful for a hiker/backpacker that likes to stay local to the North East. 

Grab an AMC Membership here. 

7. Local Survival Guides

If you’re outdoorsy loved one likes to push it to the limits – then they may appreciate a survival guide local to them! 

This could be a local edible plant guide, or a guide on local weather patterns and tips or tricks for hiking/backpacking in those conditions. 

Whatever it is – grabbing something with a local focus to them will allow them to use it on their next adventure – and be super applicable to their trips. 

Grab a Vermont Edible Plant Survival Guide Here

8. Hiking Passport

A hiking passport is a fantastic journal allowing your hiking loved ones a way to keep a record of their adventures. 

What better gift for a local hiker/backpacker then something that will allow them to keep track of all their trips? Over time, as they fill up their hiking passport, they’ll definitely appreciate having a great way to record their adventures. 

Also, I tend to be a hiker that can never remember where I’ve been – so it’s a great way for me to keep track of where I’ve been and what I have left to do! 

So, this is a great gift for your sentimental, or forgetful hiking loved one!

Get your hiking passport here. 

9. Local Birding Books

Outdoorsy people are always looking for ways to expand their nature experiences. So, even if your loved one isn’t a birder – they’d likely appreciate any gift that helps them learn more about the environment they’re exploring. 

Birding is also such a great hobby for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. Learning about the birds around you only heightens the enjoyment of the nature experience. 

A local birding book ensures that they can use it immediately – learning more about the area they live and explore regularly. It’s something they’re sure to love. 

Grab a local birding book here. 

10. Acadia National Park T-Shirt

And finally, a gift that shows off their love of a majestic New England park in a way that anyone can enjoy. 

This cool and casual Acadia National Park T-Shirt is a great gift for anyone looking to show-off their love of nature in everyday locations. Outdoorsy people don’t always want to be wearing our full hiking/backpacking gear – so casual shirts like these are a great way for us to wear what we love. 

Grab the Acadia National Park T-Shirt here. 

Hopefully you’ve found this local gift guide for New England Hikers/Backpackers useful and that it’s helped guide you to find the perfect gift for your loved one this year. 

Happy Shopping!

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